Partner Robbing [Possible event]

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    • Partner Robbing [Possible event]

      //Bank partner robbing//

      //General Concept//
      So, BOB and I have been thinking about an event which could be really cool and bring more activity in the server:
      Partner Robbing needs a minimum of 2 players to start and both players need to be inside a setup area next to the vault entrance.
      Said players need to be Robbers in order to start the robbery.
      The operation starts when 2 or more players have typed /raid in chat.
      The raid operation will take 10 minutes to complete: after the 10 minutes have passed, the door will open.
      The area will be RED if the conditions arent met, and it will turn GREEN when the conditions are met.
      If the player count inside said area goes down to 1, the operation "freezes" until the player that left goes back in.
      If player count reaches 0, the operation fails and the vault gets a 360 seconds cooldown.
      Upon robbery start, the writing "[RP] Someone is raiding the Vault!" should appear.
      Once the operation starts, players partecipating will get 1300 of crime and +5 crime for each second that passes (3.3k of crime)
      The vault can be robbed once every 24 hours.

      At this point, BOB and I came with different ideas:
      BOB's idea
      Inside the vault there will be golden ingots for the value of 100k divided in 10k ingots. (They spawn every 24 hours)
      Danilo's idea
      Vault takes 3 or 5 minutes to open instead of 10.
      Inside the vault there wont be any physical entities, money will get taken from the vault just like a normal NPC robbery.
      Players inside the vault get 1k each until they reach 100k total. (I mean, that they get the total of 100k divided, not 100k each).
      If they leave the vault during the robbery, bank enters the 24hrs cooldown and said players can deposit what they have been robbing during that time.


      1)No cops needed to start
      2)At least 1 cop needed to start
      1)Players need to be Robbers in order to partner rob. (Would bring a new use to robber job)
      2)Players can partner rob using any job.
      3a)Players can partner rob using any job, but using Robber will give an additional 10k bonus. [Works w/ Danilo's Idea only]
      3b)Players can partner rob using any job, but using Robber will shorten vault's opening time by 2 minutes. [Works w/ both ideas]

      May update the post by editing it if i missed something and/or if we manage to think of something else to add/modify.
      We apprecciate constructive feedback.
      Thanks for reading!

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