Gang plugin breaks randomly

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    • Gang plugin breaks randomly

      Your name: ¤ Danilo ¤

      Your steam id: [U:1:48446376]

      Description of the bug:

      Gang plugin breaks randomly, leaving players unable to do anything.
      When typing /invitetogang you sometimes manage to make it work, and sometimes get the error message "Unknown command: sm_invitetogang"
      When typing /specialty it sometimes works and sometimes gives error message "Unknown command: sm_specialty"
      Weird thing is it breaks only to some players. Some gang members dont spawn with gang things either. Halp.
      Cant set gang base doors cuz it says i dont have permission as if it is an admin command.

      How to recreate the bug:
      Just do stuff with gangs, it will break randomly.

      Does the bug cause a server crash?: Nope.

      Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: Noh.