Some suggestions / possible bugs

  • Some suggestions / possible bugs

    I'm not sure if recent updates or changes that were made are intentional or broken code, but I'm going off of the assumption that they were put into place as intended features... If that is correct, I have a few tweaks I would like to suggest for future additions.

    Feature 1:
    NPC job change suicides
    I completely agree that job changes through an npc should suicide you if coming from a VIP job, but if you're not in a VIP job you should be allowed to keep any weapons used from your inventory. The only thing I'm suggesting to be changed here is a conditional to only suicide you if you're coming from a VIP job

    Feature 2:
    Sm_switch suicides and deletes any money, not dropping it. This removes money unnecessarily from the economy,

    Feature 3:
    Cuffing crimed players as cop will cause the cop to suicide. This is most likely broken code / a bug, I'm just too much of a lazy stoner to make a separate thread for this.
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