Castle's Trial staff application

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  • I do believe that was a suicide to switch to vip after you killing me. It just so happens i spawn near you and because you killed me i switched to vip. You had to suicide at the time because the mod did not automatically switch you. My understanding was you would not accept that it was a mistake and because of a switch and not an intentional soc before i went afk in Asher’s.
    @Doom All i am applying for is a trial position. Surly my performance over the last month or so merits taking a look ecpecally after my absence.

    Notorious K.O.I. wrote:

    My last encounter with him was SoC and then ignoring me and his past experience as Doom said, It's a no from me.

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  • Sort of torn on this one... lots of past issues and sneaky shit pops into mind. Though not a perfect predictor of future actions, and acknowledging that people do change over time, I have to look at it like a PID algorithm. The output is dependent on a computation which accounts for long-range historical data, recent historical (near-term) data, and instantaneous deviation (what is happening at this instant vs. expected). Long-term history usually plays a significant role in the decision. So what the fuck is Thunder talking about (lol)? Recent good performance is notable, but does not establish a long-term trend. Admin should be reserved for folks with excellent overall history, this is not rehab. To do otherwise invites unnecessary risk to the community imo at this point in time. In a nutshell, not saying flat out no, but rather "sample and hold"... start with lesser roles with short leashes, and see where he is in 6-12 months. Recent flurry of other past troublemakers and recently kicked/banned people weighing in to tilt the vote is a prime example of why we should be cautions. So no disrespect, but I say wait and see a bit. A good candidate would take this constructive criticism for just that, be patient, don't harbor bad feelings or comments towards those who oppose you at this point. He just needs to keep his nose clean, and tilt the trend in the right direction. So I'm watching, and hopeful, just not quite yet. My 2¢
  • i Wish for the people who feel this way to come on the server and get in information that is not 2 years old. every single person who has given me a +1 are the active players who have taken the time to be on the server and have seen my performance.

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  • So, Castle has shown a huge change in his maturity since his return to the server. I know there was some stuff in the past that went on, but from what I have seen lately he definitely has bettered himself in my opinion. He has been very active lately and see him helping out where he can with new players and even not so new players that needed a hand with something. His application is well written/thought out. He's been respectful towards people and haven't seen anything that would make me question his ability to preform the duties of being an administrator. There are a few things that have already been covered by previous comments so I won't go ahead and broken record them (repeat) That make me a bit hesitant on about my vote. But people do change and this is his chance to prove his worth in being a part of our administrative staff. On that I am going to +1
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  • I originally wasn't going to weigh in or vote on this since as we know and recent accounts in Discord show that I'm biased due to past actions/behavior.

    Birb - STEAM_0:0:70027810 - Hasn't logged on the Server this Map even once.

    Luxembourg - STEAM_0:0:72260812 - Hasn't logged on the Server this Map even once.

    Nep Nep - STEAM_0:0:28608320 - Perm Banned on Sourcebans and hasn't been around since then 4/10/2018.

    hillpjon aka BlooyZombie - STEAM_0:1:159158784 - Been on the Map once, 4/4/2018, was on for 3 total minutes.

    CorekillaJS - STEAM_0:1:47226188 - Hasn't logged on the Server this Map even once.

    So I'm not +ing or -ing this but I would like to know why there are so many +'s on this Application from people that don't or haven't played on the Server.

  • Seeing as I’m not an active player I’m not going to - or +1 this app but just going to throw something out there. We’ve had our fair share of players who have wanted a second chance to prove that they’ve changed. Granted some never did change, it did take longer than 5 weeks to give them that second chance they wanted. Sure I’ve had my issues with him in the past because everyone takes me too seriously and doesn’t know when I’m joking but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t deserve a chance to show he’s changed over the years. This being said, the app looks filled out perfectly but I would give it a little more time and while doing so try to make amends with those who are against you if you can and if you can’t that’s okay. I believe Danilo was the one who said this once but we can not judge a person based off their past actions, we must observe how the act now and try to see that they have in fact changed rather than focusing on the things they did wrong to use. Or something like that was said. But yeah just keep trying to prove you’ve changed and don’t let those who are against you upset you.
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)
  • We had an application like this one before, too controversial. Just like Danilo I think this one has to be denied for that reason, At least until some more trust is gained with older players you might have rubbed the wrong way. Don't get me wrong castle I think it's great if you're changing. But you just don't have the trust you need for this yet. I'd recommend reapplying when you get more trust and a more unanimous say of... "Yes I trust that man to enforce the rules on the server and be fair and trustworthy."