Bugs on the Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy New Map

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  • Bugs on the Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy New Map

    Your name: NEAL

    Your steam id: STEAM_0:1:436856033

    Description of the bug:
    1) Spawns - some out of map, some inside the ground, maybe three legit ones
    2) The bay - IDGAF about the rendering errors, those will always exist, but the things that attack you in the water are almost invisible except for little toes. Might we make them visible, or have a message or something that says "hey, don't go here or you die" rather than just killing the player?
    EDIT: I have been informed by mav that this is a trigger and not entities, so this no longer really applies.

    Also, separate suggestion, could we have access to the boat? That would be pretty rad :)

    How to recreate the bug:
    1) Spawn
    2) Climb on the rocks to either side of the bay, then jump down. Whereas normally you would be pushed back by invisible hands of god, in this scenario you are attacked by invisible creatures

    Does the bug cause a server crash?:
    no sir

    Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: I haven't lost any money, but money could be lost if/when someone dies outside of the map after spawning there.

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