mav admin abuse

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  • mav admin abuse

    Your in-game name: P0rnstar Gangster(dede)
    The Staffs In-game name: mav
    Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1551033
    Discription of the Event:

    Hi just watch between 45000 and 50300

    In the following clip mav was using noclip and flying around gods app. Before that he was in jail. While mav used noclip he stood in a place where i was not able to move, so i coudlnt reach the other side of the app which prevented me to get the loot (money printer, weed). After that, he removed his noclip and killed us 3.
    Proof of Event:
  • So, Dede had gotten keys to my apt doors. Mav was in jail at the time so i asked if he could come and /takedoor so dede couldn't use keys that were gained through a glitch. Which Mav did, he then was released from jail and came back to kill everyone.
    The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting
  • What p0rnstar gangster failed to mention is that God be with you wrote to me in chat that P0rnstar was given keys to the front door by glitch and I was requested to go up and remove them.

    I was facing the door, and entirely unaware that a player was under & behind me. After I removed the keys I left back to jail and was released within 20 seconds. I returned AS A PLAYER and killed them.

    I did nothing wrong.