[ aData | tData |pData ] Web Panel Project (Discontinued for CSB).

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    • [ aData | tData |pData ] Web Panel Project (Discontinued for CSB).

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      December 1st Thread update.
      pData as a simple app has change so much the OP needs an update.

      The Modules:

      aData "All Public Data"
      • aData is the container, it holds and presents any statistic that is non-incriminating. For example the total amount of locks on doors, how many new players have joined & total hours played in a given time frame. These data points cannot be used to factually identify the activity of a singular player or expose the personal statistics of a singular player
      aData's current features:
      • 30 day bank activity log.
      • 30 day active lock log.
      • List of all items, price, quantities and total economic value.
      • Various smaller 'breadcrum' fun-fact panels.

      pData "All Private Data"

      • pData is a personalized statistics tracking device. Based on data that can be pulled from Steam and the Cold Community database we build a profile and log for your player. Sign up for pData is optional but required to use it's features.
      • Your pData information and profile will be visible to Elite+ Administrators. (Access can be revoked if abused.) (Elite+ Administrators must be registered to view player profiles, no immunity among staff is given.)
      pData's current features:
      • 30 day bank activity log. (Will only be visible 30 days after registration.)
      • 30 day personal door lock activity log. (Will only be visible 30 days after registration.)
      • 30 day inventory value activity log. (Will only be visible 30 days after registration.)
      • List of all items in players inventory, price, quantities and total value.
      • Total percentage value of player against all other players.
      • Players ranking in inventory value.
      • Players ranking in bank value.

      As pData is still in active development, All features listed are currently closed, however early registration is recommend if you do not wish to wait 30 days to unlock activity logs upon launch.

      Images of current Project aData pages.

      Project Discontinued for the CSB project at mfdv.ca/csb.php

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    • pData has been updated in the last one to two weeks.

      - The site has been moved to present under project_adata (aData standing for All Data).
      - Dashboard has changed to a new format and theme.
      - Smaller new feature updates are now shown in notices at the top of the page so Volar doesn't ban me from the forums for using thread replies as change logs, 'double posting'.
      - Added the complete item list into table you can sort or filter through. Item Value, and number in-circulation is included.
      - Added 30 day activity log for total active locks at the end of each day @ 12:00am.
      - Fixed 30 day bank activity log to actually limit to a 30 day period.

      Planned features include:
      - Showing the change in how many of a item is in play at the end of each day.
      - Showing how many items are locked behind banned accounts.
      - Admin ability to look up player statistics at up to 1 day of accuracy.
      - Add EXP/Respect 30 day log.
      - Advanced illegitimate stat detection when processing data.

      See the latest edition of the aData project here:

      As of posting we are transferring servers so the website will be down for a day or two.
    • pData has been moved to MFDV.CA and is being remade from the ground up.

      First data set I have compiled is the CS-B 'Cold stats - Banks' - mfdv.ca/csb.php

      It's just a extended version of the Money Highscores list that will display anyone who has over 100k in their accounts bank. I have it set to use a primary and secondary table which leap frog each other during daily snapshots. This helps show how much money someone has gained or lost in a 24 hour time span.

      >Day 1 - We populate Primary Table
      >Day 2 - Primary Table migrates it's data to Secondary Table and Repopulates itself with new data.
      >Day 3 - Repeat Day 1 & 2... front end combines the tables and does what it must.

      This system is currently on a hourly rate, not daily.

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