Pinned Changes to: Donations & Incentives

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    • +1 for renaming VIP to donor. All our players are very important people.

      I like the idea of opening up the cosmetic items to all users. The idea of a cosmetic shop that donors would get more currency seems to be a nice way of handling this. However if these are permanent unlocks, I see people donating up until they get the items they want, then thinking they don't need to donate anymore. Some other temporary perks should be available to current donors to make it feel worthwhile. Also, you mention you'd be donating for a specific game or specific mode, then mention how anything you unlock will carry across servers? It feels a little complicated, a donor status should just be global.

      Changing up the business model and the features at the same time might be rocking the boat a little too much. If it is $5 or $10 for three months to keep it similarly inline with current Gold VIP ($20 or $40 a year) then this is less of a concern, but if it costs more than that it will feel like charging more money for less of a benefit. People might get upset. I know donating should be out of the goodness of people's love for the community, but in practicality the incentives need to be in line with what people are paying. I believe you guys will be able to handle this well, but without any additional details on all the changes, I wanted to make this point heard.

      Also, I have some concerns about the handling of current donors. I just donated for Gold VIP status not even a week ago. Now I'm being told all the perks are being changed, and the cost might be changing. Will my status go away after 2 months now? With the sole benefit being a "consolation amount of shop currency"? I know it would feel differently had I donated even a month ago, but having it be so recently makes it feel like I might not be getting what I paid for. Ultimately I donated because I want to support the community and the hard work of everyone involved, but if I feel this way I know other people must feel similarly.

      I really like the intentions behind these changes, and even most of the suggested execution. I just think more clarifying details will be needed on the full implementation before I'd give it my full enthusiastic support.