Announcement CONTENT UPDATE: Storage Chests

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    • CONTENT UPDATE: Storage Chests

      Hi all, so as some of you have been wanting storage chests they are now a thing. They have an unlimited amount of storage for items and money however they cost 250k to create. There may be a limit placed on either the chests or your inventory in the future depending on how this goes down. So the basics of the chests are:
      • sm_createchest - Creates a storage chest for 250k.
      • sm_freezechest - Allows you to freeze your chest so it cannot be stolen.
      • sm_unfreezechest - Unfreezes a frozen chest.
      • sm_deletechest - Deletes your chest along with any money/items inside of it.
      • sm_chest - Shows the online owners of the current chest you are looking at.
      • sm_locks - Shows the amount of locks on the chest you are looking at.
      • sm_removelocks <amount> - Removes the specified amount of locks from your chest.
      • sm_givekey <player> - Gives the specified player a key to your chest.
      • sm_takekey <player> - Takes the specified player's key to your chest.
      • sm_chestname <name> - Sets the chest's name to whatever is specified.
      Locks can be added to a chest the same way you would add them to a door, you can lock a chest by using your sprint key while next to it and a lockpick will unlock a locked chest.

      As this is a new update it stands to reason that there may be some bugs lying around, if you find any bugs please report them here (or if they're economy breaking please PM them to me instead). As usual you will be rewarded for reporting any bugs that aren't already known. Also if there are any suggestions around the storage chests or even an inventory limit please post them here as well.

      Other Changes:
      • The amount of crime you accumulate from robbing has been increased by 3x.
      • sm_plant now has a cooldown of 5 seconds between uses and plants no longer collide with each other.
      • Weapons and ammo have a 3 second time between you using it and it actually being given to you.
      • Prop limit for player spawned props lowered from 7 to 5.
      • Blowtorch added.
      Thanks all.
    • I’m very impressed, but what’s the point of using it if there isn’t an inventory limit?

      Also why Iis there a timer for “use” ammo and it going into your gun? Especially three seconds + reload and time spent in inventory. Now you can’t relod when you go around a corner in combat.
    • The point of the Timer is to stop Menu Binds for Weapons and Ammo.

      I got tired of all the false reports and this is a good solve for that. Now it doesn't matter if they bind them or not the timer is there.

      Start preemptively loading ammo.

      We're debating about Allowing Menu Binds now since anything worth binding now has a Cool Down.