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      There will be 5 items automatically set by the auction(maybe 2 rare stuff and 3 common stuff). Additionally, the players can put up to 2 stuff in the auction(only 2 to avoid overtrolling by putting one cheap item 1 million times in the auction). They have 2 or 3 days to put their stuff into the auction, after that the auction starts and will last about 1 or 1 1/2 week, so people have to compete for the stuff they rly want to have like in irl. For the rare stuff i could think of rare exclusive skins, mystery boxes that could contain any (rare)item, blowtorches, steroids, doorhacks, lockpicks, cuffsaw etc. Common stuff should be less than 10k or 5k.

      - A way to waste ur money
      - More Competition
      - Getting exclusive stuff
      - Getting expensive stuff for less money for instance a doorhack lvl 3.
      - Keeping economy balanced, by wasting ur money on items

      - People with alot of money will dominate in the auction
      - Could also make rich people more wealthier by buying items for a cheaper price and selling them for more money => Double-edged sword.

    • A game I used to play deflated their economy by auctioning in-game items that you'd normally have to pay real money/donor money for. You bid with normal credits though so you would be getting donor items for free. But there was a catch:
      1) The auction worked like any normal auction. You bid. Highest bidder wins.
      2) You can't see the current highest bid, only the name of the current highest bidder
      3) If you bid lower than the highest bid then you lose the amount of money you bid
      4) If you are the highest bidder, but someone else bids higher than you, then you also lose your bid

      So maybe the auction could have a month of VIP, and maybe some individual VIP items that only donors are technically supposed to have.
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