Huztler "Airhumping" to avoid death

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  • Huztler "Airhumping" to avoid death

    --Your information--

    IGN: Humλm
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36053520
    Steam Profile:

    --Accused member information--

    IGN: Huztler
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:30444633
    Steam Profile:


    What rules did said player break?: It's not really a mentioned rule, however he did glitch himself in a way that makes it harder for his opponent to register a hit on him, and that is by spamming crouch a lot (Either manually or by macro software, like Autohotkey) whilst flying midair, that would make the model glitch heavily as seen on the demo and technically 90% impossible to hit unless you visualized where it originally was at. This is not lag or something caused by 100+/200+ latency, this is a purposefully reproduced game glitch (Called airhumping) which he knows very well and and does not really need any setup except to spam crouch midair very fast, double jumping would make it worse. Try it out if you like and see the end result.

    Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: Huztler heavily abusing the glitch in order to avoid getting killed during combat, the demo is quite short and not that long to show the other battles we had where he reproduced that bug to make it harder for me to hit him, because jail time and no cops online.

    Witnesses at the scene: Me and Hercules, other players were at the scene as seen on the demo but they do not know how this bug is reproduced or if it is even a bug, however experienced players like Hercules know very well that it's a glitch.

    Was there an admin online at the time?: No.

    If the previous question was yes why did they not deal with this?: -

    Does this player have any previous bans?: Yes.

    Proof of rule breaking: Here is a link to the demo file:!d5432QCR!c-W83jIB-Zr…1IyVIxSdTw43wb4gXYJv4FfuE
    If necessary I will upload a youtube video, however my laptop is not strong enough to maintain high FPS during that map and when recording lol
  • Out of the numerous battles I have had on this server I've never seen anyone purposefully reproduce this bug except you, a simple jump/double jump and crouch are actions performed by a typical player surely but not in the same method as you did, no way.
    Usually for my case in my competitive DM server I would give a warning to the player and if he did not comply then I would ban him because of how glitchy this is.
    But for here I will see what the admins will think of this.