Welcome to Venice.

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    • Welcome to Venice.

      Roleplay Venice is an original map by Mavfree, sponsored directly by Eldrun and Syle22 for Cold Community.

      I will be playing as admin for the next month in-order to quick assess and look into any bugs that are found during the beta test. I will not be admin to help with player complaints or propping.

      Thing to know about this map.
      - There is a world map located in the PD lobby in case you get lost.
      - There are five unique apartments four of which sport multiple interior themes to choose from.
      - All apartments contain at least two rooms, no more box houses.
      - The VIP apartments have pools to play in.
      - Non-vendor building interiors are off-world and are accessed via teleporters.
      - Slamming teleporter entrances & exits is strictly forbidden. (A rule will be made and enforced.)
      - On-world has 2 police air boats that belong to the cops.
      - Mansion zone has a large water area with six air boats to play around in.
      - All land surrounding the mansion is treated as part of the mansions interior. (Yes you can prop with anything you want as long as the building is still accessible.)
      - There are two balconies that belong to police at the back of the station 'palace'. (Being on them is KOS)
      - There are 4 ways to get into the PD.

      For screenshots of the map, please see this album on imgur. imgur.com/a/vulRu4s

      This is the world map. Detailing apartment layouts and building locations.
      The darker/cooler the color the lower the land is. i.e purple is water and yellow is roof.
      Magenta is vendor building locations. This does not include outdoor vendor such as drug sellers.