Admin Bad form

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  • Admin Bad form

    I am going to start by not throwing the admin under the bus so I will leave their name out but I want to give the scenario about what happened.
    I hope it leads to a productive discussion.

    I walked in the VIP, there was a cop on the standing in the inner door to the VIP, cop is also an admin, i shot said admin/cop dead.
    Unbeknownst to me the cop was doing admin work.
    what work? Said cop was VIP but did not have VIP keys, was in the process of giving self vip keys when I shot them.

    Cop came back in no clip mode.

    No one shot at cop/admin

    cop/admin is now in no clip mode on the other side of VIP door above several players.

    Players: Dede, Pizzabutt, China

    cop/admin turns no clip off

    Cop/admin cuffs dede who had around 3200 crime.

    Then china shot at admin/cop again.

    China proceeds to try to discuss what cop/admin did wrong.

    Cop/admin says he was doing admin work to give himself keys and since he was done it is ok for him to turn off no clip and proceed to cuff dede

    ADMIN/COP very arrogant and rudely tells me to log complaint and see that nothing happens.

    3 things.

    1) It has been my understanding that cops cannot open doors that they have keys too, so cop should not be able to use VIP keys to get the criminal unless kick door is applicable.

    2) what the real concern is, regardless if #1 appearance of not abusing power. It is reasonable to say admin/cop should have exited VIP and turn off no clip and then reentered as they had previously attempted.

    3) If we can code model changes and jobs (cop/rebel) can't code fix be put that requires a toggle to and from admin, that would kill
    the admin upon switching off same way a player dies when switching between cop ad rebel.
    this would remove alot of opportunity for actual or perceived admin abuse.

    To a new player this admin just did his own thing
    worse is how it looks and feels to all players
  • it was me. im the cop/admin in the above scenario. when i came out of noclip i should have done so outside of vip. my thinking was i was going into vip to check it out anyway so ill just go out of noclip in vip. this is my second time on this map and first time in vip. i didnt notice dede had crime till i cam out of noclip. when i exit noclip i went back into cop mode. cuff and jail everyone.

    i should have not cuffed him as i was in vip by using noclip.
    even if i did use my keys to go into vip to look around, i still should not cuff him.

    chinasyndrome wrote:

    ADMIN/COP very arrogant and rudely tells me to log complaint and see that nothing happens.

    you said you were recording and you were going to make a report. so i told you to go head and make a report and lets see what happens.
    check your demo.

    I do realize i should have not cuffed dede and it will not happen again. momentary laps in judgment
    yes i just gave myself keys to vip but when i came out of noclip i just went back into cop mode and didnt see anything wrong with cuffing dede.
    not making excuses just letting you know what i was thinking.

    and the arrogants and being rude, that just cuz i dont really like you china.

    so, lets see what happens...
  • i had been recording but then the map crashed and that caused my record to stop,
    I did not realize that at the time of this incident

    Oat if you had just said yes I was wrong i should have handled it better I would never have written this post.

    sorry you don't like me Oat but i won't loose sleep over it.
  • Lol I’m just gonna say this: After all this happened and I joined the server China was still complaining about this and saying all kinds of things. 0ats been around forever and he always admits when he’s in the wrong and doesn’t drag shit out. China, you literally started mutin people because no one wanted to agreed with you. The level of pettiness around this whole thing is ridiculous. Dede isn’t even mad about it happening so why are you making such a big deal about it China?
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)
  • China's right here, unfortunately. Oat even admitted that he shouldn't have cuffed dede. "i was just stopping by," doesn't really help you. The fact that dede didn't care that he was wronged doesn't add to Oat's defense whatsoever.

    The complaint given, however, is minuscule compared to anything akin to full-on corruption or terrible abuse, and it really only goes to show that Chyna is out to get Oat.

    I still do hate the "make a report," defense. Usually, if an admin apologizes for something they did wrong, and immediately rollbacks/compensates for what they did, I wouldn't go through the trouble of making a report. Admins are supposed to help people out, especially when they mess up. I will be making a suggestion to prevent stupid bullshit like this from happening in the future.
  • like i said at the time, i didn't see anything wrong with it. and as i also said i did realize what i did was wrong. so for me to say at that time "yes I was wrong i should have handled it better" wasn't something i was about to say.

    you threatened to report me, so i told you to do it. as i tell everyone the threatens to report me.
    i wanted you to write this report.
    i have nothing to hide.
    i made a mistake.