MOD rewrite sugguestions

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  • MOD rewrite sugguestions

    just some ideas for making the rp BETTER
    so admins like to play some as cop some as rebel or both
    admins are human too,
    too often an admin is doing work and gets shit killed or annoyed at something.

    make admin a job like cop

    to use admin commands you have to be using the admin job.
    when you switch to admin job,
    u die like anytime switch
    as admin job you have a unique admin skin, 100K health and or god mode set,
    as admin job no access to any weapons except gravity gun.

    This will help avoid bending the rules when annoyed when shot because the admin forgot to set the command to give them god mode or something.
    to go back to playing as cop or rebel said admin must switch back to those jobs

    Idea 2:

    this might already be a thing don't know.
    Kick door for cops will only work if there is a player with 4K crime on the map

    also when playing as cop make cops keys to non pd doors cease to work so a cop, with VIP or keys to a door cant use them

    Idea 3:
    bring back freedom cards for those jailed

    idea 4: dailies
    some dailies require killing a cop or uncuffing a cuffed player.
    so if a player keeps their crime down and there is no cop on the server or they stay behind 1000 locks u cant complete the dailies
    i suggest dailies needing a cop or cuffed player allow u to reroll that daily if there has been no player cuffed or a cop on after say 1 - 2 hours

    idea 5: retro week bring back some other drugs or other old school features like hook or jetpack

    idea 6: delivery, THunder turned the gravity off the other day and it was lots of fun, how about a delivery that caused Syles gayness to negate gravity for 10 minutes?

    idea 7:bring back the teleport item you can buy or win, nice compromise to not having scientist job

    idea 8: scuba tanks for the water (breath underwater longer)
  • whats the point of the admin job when there is just sm_god?

    2. checking if crime exceeds 4k on all players would be easy, and leaves some form of honesty left in the cop job.

    3. no

    4. what?

    5. sure, +hook +jetback can be a rare item or a weekly event. but that requires making those plugins work again. DLC

    6. yah theres always more that can be added to the crate rewards could be easy

    7. no

    8. not a bad idea tbh. infinite aux power is possible for sprint and breath
  • Only thing I really like from here is a possible drug that makes Auxiliary power infinite for a short time. Well, that and maybe some retro items if fixed.

    Freedom cards are game breaking and if they existed shouldn’t just free you, but should reduce your time by a set amount.
  • syle for number 2 the idea is to make a clear distinction when an player is admin and doing work verse doing playing
    to avoid the incident that happened the other day

    it also forces the admin to execute the admin switch to do admin work and
    if they want to play they have to play as a normal player, less chance for abuse..