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    • Should binds be Legal? 12
        No (9) 75%
        Yes (3) 25%
      I think its about time a conversation was had about binds. At this time they are legal. I personally believe rules need to be put in place to monitor them and that if they remain legal some adjustments to cool-downs ect, need to be made to make the game a more fair place.
      At the least we need rules implemented to monitor them, I have heard opinions of many players with similar views and firmly believe a conversation needs to be had about this. As it is getting out of hand.

      No crime software is easily exploited making it impossible to jail anyone with it bound. I have seen many players use it consistently to kill/commit crimes without and consequence for hours on end. I firmly believe that no crime binds should be banned or at least heavily nerfed to make game play even.

      Bank software, certain persons who I will not name have been using these binds to make a lot of money. Im not talking 400k in 6 hours but 800k. Almost 1mil. Not to mention the bounties that come with them that can easily be abused.

      Health binds. Health binds should have a cool down between uses to stop consistent overuse making it unfair to players who dont have binds or dont know how to use them.

      Uncuff binds. Uncuff binds are extremely unfair to a cop. Who has been killed over and over at the pd only to get that lucky skill-cuff. Rather than having that 5-10 seconds to react to a player uncuffing they are uncuffed in a millisecond giving no time for the cops to react and prevent the uncuff. If there is no way to arrest/gain xp consistently then there is no point in playing cop. there should be a larger cooldown if uncuff binds are remaining legal

      Doorhack and lockpick binds should be allowed since they already have a cooldown, however doorhacks and lockpick with 0 cooldown should be monitored for overuse eg (Constantly spamming all the pd doors open)

      Weapon and ammo binds should remain legal as they do not impact on game play as much as others and are more for convenience.

      Some binds seem legitimately reasonable and im not against them at all. However Binds that alter game-play making it unbalanced and unfair to those who do not know or dont use them is not the way we should be going about this.
    • CaveJohnson wrote:

      The reason binds were illegal on almost all RP is because the devs for the RP plugin were shit and couldn't get programmatic control over things.

      Now we can.
      There is no control over them right now and its unbalanced so your point is invalid until something is done by said developers to make it work.
      The whole point of binds is convenience. This is why things like /door or /locks binds are fine because they don't impact game play negatively. When binds where introduced there where no rules and has been none or very little intervention to stop people abusing and exploiting them for personal gain that others wouldn't or couldn't do themselves.
    • Nothing wrong with bank account software binds. The reason people use bank account software binds is because they spent hours gaining hundreds of bank account softwares. Bank account softwares (or any software in general, really) are NOT reusable. The item is destroyed with each use. So if I spend an hour hacking computers to get 200 bank account softwares, then that means I can use bank account software 200 times. There is nothing wrong with gaining high crime, and there is nothing wrong with using 200 bank account softwares at excessive speed (using a bind) to use up those softwares. It causes no point of imbalance in the game (gaining high crime does not indicate an imbalance. Money printers can give you up to 50K crime instantly for example).

      No crime software probably needs a nerf. Right now if you use more than one nocrime software within a 3 second period then it will silently fail. I went with 3 seconds because there are plenty of players who can access one of their nocrime softwares from their inventory (assuming they bound sm_items only, which has always been legal, and then manually navigated their inventory). I might be upping that timer to 5 seconds though.

      For cuffsaws I'm going to add a range limitation. Right now there is no range check (I don't think anyways). Additionally I can add an unpacking time where you have to actually be aiming at the player for a certain amount of time to uncuff them. I can even add some detection to uncuff instantly if you didn't bind, and to make you look at the player for a few seconds if you did bind.

      I disagree with health binds. If you use food then you heal over time, and the healing stops immediately if you get shot. I also patched it where you cannot use multiple food items at the same time (only one healing food item at a time) because earlier on you could "stack" the healing rate by eating multiple food items. That being said, I think there might be a couple more items that need to have the healing over time aspect applied to them (like sex, and hug). Suit battery also needs an unpacking time I think. Maybe I can restrict suit batteries to be unusable by binding while the player is combat flagged or something.