Cop abuse by Lawdog

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  • Cop abuse by Lawdog

    Your in-game name: Zero Nitro
    Abuser: In-Game name:Lawdog
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:5749713
    Demo says it all


    Also wanna add this fron his cop app

    "refrain from shooting other players unless shot at"

    What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: The law involved with cuffing and uncuffing is to do so when crime is 1,800 and above, refrain from shooting other players unless shot at, a Cop can only kick a door or raid a players home if they have 4k plus crime, all other Law related questions can be accessed the motd.

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  • As a witness to all this , it was obvious to me that Lawdog was not familiar with about 80% of the cop rules when he started his first shift as cop. Even after an hour or so of coaching from Fist Of Fury and Koala , he was still not grasping several key aspects of being cop. He definitely displays a difficulty in listening to others and learning in general. However , I think that Lawdog deserves a little more time to see if he can grasp the cop job , or fuck it up completely. Considering that this abuse report comes from Nitro , who himself , is just one tiny infraction away from a cop strip(after multiple credible complaints in the past few days) , and is known to be a manipulative liar with a superiority complex , I'm going to deny this abuse request and remind both parties involved that one more credible complaint about their cop performance will result in an immediate strip.