Announcement Halloween Event - 10/31/18

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    • Halloween Event - 10/31/18

      Greetings Poor Souls,

      Today we have something very special for you to enjoy.

      Syle wrote:

      Doggy's ritual sacrifice has unsealed the legions of hell! They have been unleashed on the map of Uptown! Only you can clear the undead hordes from the streets and free Mavs soul. You will be rewarded for your service as we have set the bounty for zombie heads at $750

      We have on site support that has provided you with access to banking institutions as well as discounted firearms and food.
      Help us defeat the zombie hordes!
      Give the map an upvote!

      zomb zomb zomb zomb zomb zomb

      Event will be running until Nov 1 (1:00am PST). Then we return to Amster
      Display Spoiler
      Also try hacking some pumpkins