Admin Application for Miracles

  • Admin Application for Miracles

    Do you Believe in Miracles for Admin Again? 11
      Yes (7) 64%
      What is a Miracles? (4) 36%
      No (0) 0%
    Steam Name: MiraclesBelieveInMe

    SteamID: [U:1:45586801]

    Age: 21

    How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?:
    I've been a member on the forums since November 11th 2012 and playing well before that but can't remember when my first day was.

    What does being a staff member entail?:
    Helping everyone in need of being helped whenever they require it.

    Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a Super Admin position?:
    I've had the rank before and lost it due to inactivity. I want to reapply with the permission of you, the wonderful community.

    Do you have any previous staffing experience(s) (List community and, if possible, rank)?:
    Yes, Super Admin almost elite, but my legacy still awaits me.

    Do you understand the basic commands of our server that we use? If so please list how to do the following(Completely):
    (M-ooowie this is new)

    a). Kicking a player: "/kick miracles"

    b). Banning a player(for one day): "/ban miracles 1440 or /ban miracles 0" cause were sick of him

    c). Creating a prop: "/db_create nameofprop"

    d). Freezing a prop: /freezeit

    e). Saving a prop: /save

    f). Connecting a prop to a door: /linkpropdoor #ofdoor

    g). How to look up any SourceMod command: I'm pretty sure its just sm_help in console.

    Explain how you would handle the following situations:

    A player says they suspect another player of hacking:
    Well, I never take anyone's side 100%, I like my information first hand coming from me. I would alert another admin (providing there is another one on) and we could both go spectate together whilst recording so we can have to perspectives on the matter while taking a demo. if indeed that player was hacking ban for a short period of time and post demo on the forums for further inspection and possibly a heavier ban.

    A cop is rdming other players:
    Rule of three's: warning smite, warning kick/warning of strip from cop, ban and removal of cop. if it continues after the ban, lengthen the ban.

    A rebel is rdming players under ten hours:
    Rule of three's once again: warning smite, warning kick, ban

    A new player connects whom has never played lite rp before:
    Introduce myself and explain what the server is and how it functions. Show that player around and teach them their rights as a player under 10 hours. Tell them if they need anything the /tutorial should help them and any other questions to feel free and ask me.

    A player says they have lost their cop due to a mess up:
    Inquire about the mess up, if it's a misunderstanding try to get a hold of the Admin that removed cop and try to find a middle ground. But repeat to the player never to do what they did again.

    Have you read and understood the community rules?:

    Do you understand that it will be your job to enforce these rules?:
    Also Yeppers.

    Do you understand that you as a staff member are still to abide by these rules along with others pertaining to staff?:
    No aboose, got it.

    Do you understand that misuse of your rank will result in your immediate removal as well as other possible consequences such as a ban?: yes

    Anything else you would like to add?:
    Thanks for letting me apply again, I've also created a Poll to help.
    You defeat your enemies when they become your friends
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