Fist of Fury Admin abuse

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  • Fist of Fury Admin abuse

    Your in-game name: VIKRAM
    The Staffs In-game name: FIST OF FURRY
    Staffs Steam ID:U:1:225752677
    Description of the Event:

    I was infiltrating Josh's underwater base, which Fist has keys,
    I was talking on the mic while in the tunnel,
    I usually try to talk so people think i am talking and not up to no good :)

    So I ask whats going on to that the people are doing
    Fist then does a bring me to the water front (yes i freak out) where they were building bouncing platforms

    as far as I know he knew i was infiltrating and decided to use this as an excuse

    Now he did let me back in, and I took his printer

    I had 20 K and I did disconnect

    when i came back 10 minutes later under a new name, Harvey Birdman
    I deposited my money and did /vip
    I went to hide since i had 19-20K crime , I was in the process of doing a /pd jammer

    when Fist once again abused by using the bring command to the water front,( I do not have a demo for this)

    any ways he has shown bad judgement, when he did the second bring Miracles was on top of me and I almost got cuffed

    Proof of Event: DEMO

    Trying to attechit but getting unknow error

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  • chinasyndrome wrote:

    I had 20 K and I did disconnect
    I think you failed to mention you disconnected after I kicked a door to avoid me.

    anyway, during the initial tp, you did ask what was going on and since fist was typing he thought that you wanted to see and since most people on the server at the time were there he figured you wanted to see. from what it looked like, it was an honest mistake and he put you back where you said you were and didnt even stop you from taking his printer.
    You defeat your enemies when they become your friends
  • yes the question is not intent,
    the best of intendtions an still lead to abuse

    IF a person asks whats going on to just bring them is irresponsible( the player can have large crime, money, drugs or just in a cozzy AFK spot)

    Better procedure is tell them or ask you want me to bring/teleport you, never assume the player wants you to bring them unless you are told

    in regards to
    also I was in the base near the teleporter and the demo will show that
    so If i had seem you kick door I would have fled that way
    the disconnect was as I said since my daughter was in here bugging me
  • First of all i dint know you were infiltrating josh base.
    Second you asked us what we are talking about (we were making a bounce coaster) so i tp you to us to show it to you.

    I can understand that part but as I already said i dint know you were infitrading josh base and i apologise for.

    And now we come to YOURE rule breaking. Afther you took my printer Mircales tryed to cuff you and kicket down the door. Afther that you disconect. soc

    Now we come to the second part:
    Ather you disconect you shanget youre name to Harvey Birdman. Now there was a other guy named Birddieboo. Birddieboo was helping me to build the Auto-Jump thing you know...

    I telepordet Birddieboo evrey time and afther you connectet i typed "!bring bird". So you and Birddieboo have now bouth "bird" in youre name and eventually you were teleportet.

    Now Mircales tryed to cuff you again and again you soc.

    So as i sad before i apologise to that /bring part.
    BUT the next time you will soc you will be banned.