38G] Offset Wins: 9912 Losses: Cop Abuse

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  • 38G] Offset Wins: 9912 Losses: Cop Abuse

    Your in-game name: Blarge ME /China
    The Staffs In-game name:38G] Offset Wins: 9912 Losses:
    Staffs Steam ID:U:1:15200306
    Description of the Event:

    My self adn several others have witnesses this player teleport,
    he has given a number of explainations but as COP he always seems
    to Glitch when being fired upon and we have seen some crazy shit.

    recommed his cop be suspended until this is figured out.
    Last 10 minutes or so of my demo will show what it is I am talking about

    Proof of Event:


    I just updated the link

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  • doom what was the reason for huh? just because the best players complained doesent mean you can just ban me without evidence what if im just good at dodging bullets. I mean come on this is just unfair. You cant just ban me because you have complaints from good players you need sufficent evidence. Id also like to see the "evidence" you have that gives you the ok to ban me.
  • I am definitely not the best player in terms of DMing, but I do believe I am an OK shot.

    The only reason I have not taken action in the past is because I couldn't tell for sure if it was just me, or if others were seeing things like I was, and also I hadn't had time to make further observations and discuss with other players about this. Maybe it would just be a bad internet connection or something. Basically I wasn't going to cry "hacker" just because he was able to kill me easily because of his lag.
    But here are my observations:

    1) I have personally witnessed him move around with no lagginess at all. Maybe his internet connection has "good" moments.
    2) He has a ping of 100 to 150 most of the time. I don't know what the packet-loss rate is, but others have commented that Russian players with 15%+ packet loss don't lag that badly.
    3) Lag doesn't typically manifest like that in this game. In fact, I can't recall ever seeing that since I started playing in 2009 (doesn't mean I never saw it, I just can't remember ever seeing it).
    4) *The most suspicious* He maintains perfect aim even though he is lagging. If it's network lag, then he should be negatively affected by being jittery everywhere or by everyone else being jittery. Yet he maintains decent aim in all of this.