Rat Meat Admin Abuse (Cop Strip)

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  • Rat Meat Admin Abuse (Cop Strip)

    Your in-game name: Emperor Joruñe / ξмρєяσя ﻝσяυñe
    The Staffs In-game name: Rat Meat
    Staffs Steam: [U:1:240454938]
    Description of the Event: Taking my cop without reason (please check logs)

    Hello everyone

    Today i was playing as rebel, so i decided to switch to cop

    "Buu" had bounty so i decided to go cuff him, he was in dede house, so i kicked doors to cuff him(didnt use my keys)

    After i cuffed Buu and sent him to jail Rat meat decided to take my cop because it's an abuse switch to cop lol.... dash

    This was between 23:10 and 23:25 12/08/2018 (server time zone)

    I didnt switch rebbel to cop and to rebel, i mean i switched 1 time to since rebel to cop and y stay as cop until Rat meat took my cop

    Can anyone explain me how did i abuse?????? X(

    Im allowed to switch top cop when i want...
    Jorune Cop Abuse

    Brian wrote:

    So after Jorune had let me three doors deep into Joshhhs house I came up to the forth door and this conversation occurred.
    i let u in the house as rebel anyways you have keys, so where is the problem?

    Brian wrote:

    The moment I mention breaking into the last door he switched to cop in a last ditch effort to get me out of the house, thus using cop as a clear advantage to getting me out of the house, not only did Rat meat witness this Sheetmusic was recording and also witnessed it at the time.
    As i said i can switch to cop when i want, i didnt cuff u first (i cuffed first sheetmusic) so i didnt switch to cop to get you out of the house, mainly because u have keys from the house, so it has not sense...
  • Brian wrote:

    Do not switch back and forth between Rebel and Cop.
    - This Refers to Switching to Cop just to let out a friend and then swap right back to Rebel.
    I switched since rebel to cop 1 time, so when did i break the rule? i didnt switch cop to rebel (Rat did that stripping my cop)

    Brian wrote:

    You didn't stay cop for more than the 5 minutes to get auto-switched to rebel and you went back to sitting in your house to afk.
    I didnt stay cop 5 min, i was cop until rat meat took my cop...
    AFK as cop is allowed, anyways i didnt be afk as cop, i was trying to know why rat meat stripped my cop, of course he ignored me

    {EE} SheetMusic wrote:

    Demo has been forwarded and honestly this dumbfvck should lose cop and be banned. He's not simply appealing the loss of his cop, but coming on here to try to implicate Rat Meat in admin abuse.

    1. You lose your reason insulting me
    2. Of course it's an admin abuse if you take my cop without a reason or breaking any rule...

    Please Rat Meat upload the video u recorded while i was "abusing"

    Oh wait u have not the video because i didnt switched rebel to cop and back to rebel
  • You switched to cop purposely to get Buu out of the house, you can't say that you were raiding the house because if you were then you would have taken all the printers that were in the rooms. Only cuffing Buu and not doing anything else means you went in there specifically to cuff him which you even say in chat during the event.

    So not only have you used cop as an advantage over one person, you also favouritised by cuffing only him and not taking anything else inside the house.

    Your cop will remain stripped until further notice and you will be forum banned for 2 days for triple posting.