New Dailies

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    • Dogged II: Recive 5 headshots by The Doggy.
      Ragequit II: Make The Doggy leave the server 3 times.
      ImGod II: Cuff The Doggy and lose 2 exp when she uncuff hershelf.
      Survivor II: Survive 500 seconds without being killed by The Doggy
      Striped II: Get your cop striped 3 times by The Doggy

      so at least give him some feeling to join the server... :P
    • After abusing... lol?
      Still waiting for the rule broke
      Still waiting for the video where i "abuse"
      Doggy said i switched to push him out of the house, when we both have keys
      Doggy said i cuffed first Buu when i really cuffed ShitMusic first

      Doggy said: you can't say that you were raiding the house because if you were then you would have taken all the printers that were in the rooms. Only cuffing Buu and not doing anything else means you went in there specifically to cuff him which you even say in chat during the event.

      Why should i take my printer or another printers if i dont see them?
      I didnt only cuff Buu, i cuffed first ShitMusic (He Was out of the house)
      Doing anything else?? Why can i do as cop if i cuffed everyone

      Doggy said: So not only have you used cop as an advantage over one person, you also favouritised by cuffing only him and not taking anything else inside the house.
      As i said i cuffed more players, i didnt see any printer while i was cuffing buu...

      Cop Striped witout any reason. Rat Meat was not spectating me, he only trusted the explanation of Buu, As i know u can't take a cop whiout any prof...

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    • Dogged II: Receive 5 headshots by The Doggy.
      Evil Fleas II: Receive a headshot with shotty at more than 500 miles by The Doggy.
      Ragequit III: Rage and leave the server 3 times because of The Doggy.
      Problem Hacks? II: Cuff The Doggy 3 times while she is using hacks. [Cop Daily]
      Survivor II: Survive 500 seconds without being killed by The Doggy.
      Misfortune IV: Join 5 times into the lottery but The Doggy takes the award anyways.
      Cop Stripped III: Get your cop stripped 3 times by The Doggy. [Cop Daily]
      DogDown I: Activate a lockdown and be Dogdowned by The Doggy. [Cop Daily]
      Challenge accepted I: Kill 1 Antlion guard while The Doggy is doing RDM at you.
      Doggy's Doggy I: Be The Doggy's Slave a full day.
      No u IV: Be answered no u 4 times by The Doggy.
      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ II: Be answered ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2 times by The Doggy.
      Fag III: Get 3 bans By The Doggy.
      Permfag I: Be perm banned by The Doggy.
      It's Ma Serva III: Post 3 ideas in forums and get them non-acceptance by The Doggy.
      Rek noob III: Triple post in forums and be 3 days banned by The Doggy.

      Example of completed daily:
      [RP] You have completed No u IV
      [RP] You got 1 paint cain, 1 pistol ammo and 1 Week banned by The Doggy.
      Disconnect: You have been banned 1 week by this server, check for more info.

      I have actualized those dailies
      For you Doggy with all my love :hail:

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