Announcement 12/25/18 - Map Switch to Linesse_r4

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    • 12/25/18 - Map Switch to Linesse_r4

      Merry Christmas all,

      I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Today marks the end of our time on uptown_winter and the beginning of Linesse.

      By popular demand, I have chosen to switch the map to linesse as it was the second place vote in our last poll.

      Special Shout out to

      For doing majority of the map setup.

      Linesse will run for 3 months. Until around March 25th.

      We have fully priced all housing so feel free to look around and secure some top property.

      Remember to use the command "sm_refunddoor rp_uptown_v4_winter"

      in console to get your uptown earnings back. Run the command several times to ensure you get refunds for all doors.