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    Hey, how do I apply for administration and what do I need in order to apply? if I need VIP, I'm planning on getting it maybe. and to be honest wouldn't do much as admin, you could just give me the admin stamp of approval and not the admin powers, I only want admin so I can have my face on stuff in the map. that's about it
  • There is a Application section where you need to create a new thread in "Pending Applications"

    Use the application format for admin and to be successful on your application, you actually need to answer every question correctly and get positiv feedback from other people. ViP Status is not needed.

    Why would you apply as admin when you already know, that you won't do anything? Why you troll?

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  • Honestly I burst out laughing after reading this, you are one of two cases:

    1) You are just trolling around.
    2) You have no clue how the world works.

    If you are not the first case, then please try to observe and learn from what happens around you instead of constantly demanding for anything you see fitting in your head.

    There is no stamp of approval for being admin, nor is there a public display (Signatures or decals that are inside the map) that even show you are an admin, where the heck did you see an admin's face in anything in the map? Like seriously have you any ANY idea what you are talking about? Do you think twice before posting or do you just go like "OH MAN I FEEL LIKE DOING THIS SO I DO IT"

    An admin is supposed to be a trained professional who handles problems with ease and fairness.
    An admin could be someone who provides content to the server.
    An admin is supposed to moderate server activity and try to keep it as much fun as possible.
    There are many things an admin should have in his character that you completely LACK.

    An admin does NOT nag constantly about what he wants, he creates what he wants.

    So please just... Stop. Stop or at least think THRICE before you post anything...
  • 1) If you want a real chance of getting admin you have to make a complete admin application and post it into pending applications.
    2) We don't give admin to random players who ask to be an admin. We want players who are trustful, active and can handle problems professionally and not just some random dude who wants to be admin and do some crazy stuff and then just go forever.
    3) If you really want to get accepted as an admin then you have to show us that you are not just some random kid who wants to have admin to show everyone that you are now one of the cool kids now. Because that's basically what you are showing us right now.

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  • HammerJack1 I Trader wrote:

    yeah you guys are right, didn't think I'd get this much controversy for asking to have my name on a moving door. I just heard admins get there names on a door like syles bank and the idea of it being me just went threw my head a bit too much
    People get their names on doors by saying hey won’t don’t we name this place something,not by being admin. Syle is the server owner which is why the bank is called The Bank Of Syle
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)
  • Ah I see where he is coming from, When setting up the map I thought it would be fun to make puns off of door names to buildings ie: Sidezz Side Arms. But yea they're right, you can't just go demanding things and expect to get them handed to you. All the admins put in a lot of work to make this server possible and right now it doesn't look like you understand or even want to do that. We apperciate your enthusiasm towards the server and wanting to become an admin but for right now try not to worry about it and just enjoy the server.
    You defeat your enemies when they become your friends