dede gagging me for nothing again and again and i cant talk to fiends or do anything

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  • dede gagging me for nothing again and again and i cant talk to fiends or do anything

    title describes. for nothing dede is gagging me for multiple times. he called me a retard, and i called him something similar after, now im gagged! i was in a conversation with friend yavuz now i cannot talk with him at all, he did this earlier too. Also i have screen shots of the chats right after he banned me. I dont use the mic so the chat is my only way to talk to people.

    im done with this. first time i thought he wouldn't do anymore but this is not normal.

    Motherfucker! now he banned me for 1 week cause i was just exiting the game he couldnt kill me. someone do something!!!!!

    thomphson wrote:

    dede tried to kill me just before I exit the game now he banned me and he also gagged for dumb reasons and blocked me talking to other people please dont push me.
  • Talked with Dede and got his side + a demo.

    It shows you SOCing.

    I took a look at past records for the account, several SOC's including a recent one which was a week long. Due to my Doubling Rule for same Bans I went ahead and edited his Ban to 2 weeks.

    Also banned you on the Forums for 2 days due to double posting.

    Next time you want to say something Edit your post, also make sure to follow the proper Formats when posting a Ban Appeal or Ban Request, it's not hard but if it's not done then we see no reason to add effort on our part when the Poster can't spend the effort to put in a proper one.

  • lets start with the ban, I did ban you because again you suicided out of combat, so I refer you to read the rules again before you start spreading your stupidness in the forum. As for the gags, you just keep searching my attention in any way mostly through insulting me with the same words over and over again, thats the troll level of a 9 year old atmost and everyone on the server is tired of your bullshit. I dont want this feud to continue so I recommend you to reread the rules again and be more social and friendlier towards other player.