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  • Steamid : idk
    Your in-game Name:clitcommamder

    Why u got banned: banned for 3 months for "exploiting admin trust" told admin player was exploiting obv he isnt experienced enough as admin to see on his own he wasnt glitching used admin commands to bring me to another player killed player fist bans for 3 months no warning no kick if this is what it is for what i did then i might as well just remove myself extremely poor judgment as admin lol horribly fist good admin tho

    Other Information you think we should know:im good guy

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  • Hello CoLD Community,

    I have the entire chatlog, which I can share, and now I´ll try to give my personal insight, which perhaps other players or Fist can confirm on their own.

    The player ClitCommander was trying to find me on the map while I was afking somewhere. I guess he was becoming mad as he wasn´t able to find me despite spending much time searching for me in all houses. At that point he did something which eventually led to a ban.

    [Lad] ClitCommander :fist
    Fist of Fury :yes
    [Lad] ClitCommander :gcloud is afk outside map
    Fist of Fury :huH?
    [Lad] ClitCommander :go to him and look
    Fist of Fury :what now

    He could´t find me, but he really wanted in order to kill me, so he spoke to the admin Fist of Fury.

    Fist of Fury :what is with him?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he found glitch
    [Lad] ClitCommander :amd he outside map
    [Lad] ClitCommander :type
    [Lad] ClitCommander :!goto glcoud

    He ClitCommander, without any evidence but just on the basis that he couldn´t find me, he told Fist of Fury I had found a glitch which allowed me to afk safely.

    [Lad] ClitCommander :see
    Fist of Fury :what glitch?
    [Lad] ClitCommander :hes outside map
    Fist of Fury :can you describe the glitch
    [Lad] ClitCommander :u dont see what hes doing
    Fist of Fury :nop
    [Lad] ClitCommander :hes making it look like hes inside map but hes not
    Player siX has joined the game
    Fist of Fury :hes not glitching
    Fist of Fury :hes in...
    [Lad] ClitCommander :the outside of map
    Fist of Fury :nop

    So Fist of Fury used /goto, found me and assured Clit I was not in a glitched spot. I was legally afking. Now, read what Clit typed.

    Fist of Fury :hes inside

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yeah making it look like hes not

    Fist of Fury :good hiden

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yeah ik i saw him

    Fist of Fury :huh?

    Fist of Fury :what do you mean?

    siX (STEAM_0:1:14370454) connected from Canada

    [Lad] ClitCommander :if u push him he will fall out and back into map

    Fist of Fury :?

    Fist of Fury :so youre saying hes outside the map?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yes

    [Lad] ClitCommander :but it looks like hes not

    Fist of Fury :what do you mean with it looks like hes not?

    Player .0t¡nΔυJ has joined the game

    Fist of Fury :G Cloud?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :i cant explain

    [Lad] ClitCommander :ye

    I was simply in the PD. Clit didn´t know that, but still he said "ik, I saw him". --> LIE (one of many ones, as you will see)

    [Lad] ClitCommander :i have 15k crime n down want to leave my house or id show u

    [Lad] ClitCommander :i kwhere he is

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he just isnt really there

    Fist of Fury :show it

    [Lad] ClitCommander :i have 15k crime i dont want to walk on streets

    [Lad] ClitCommander :but he knows what hes doing

    [Lad] ClitCommander :not just u

    Fist of Fury :..............

    [Ass] siX :bring your scared ass outside and show me

    [Lad] ClitCommander :i cant share exploit

    Fist of Fury :now show it

    [Ass] siX :no just sho me where he is

    [Lad] ClitCommander :ccan only show admin

    Fist of Fury :clit?

    Fist of Fury :hellO?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yo

    Fist of Fury :can you show it now?

    So FIRST OF FURY, who suspected something weird was going on, didn´t directly believe ClitCommander and asked for proof. Proof for me glitching or exploiting (despite being simply afk in a room, to which everyone with doorhack as access).

    [Lad] ClitCommander :take me there ill show u n bring me right back

    Fist of Fury :take yyou?

    Fist of Fury :where?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yeah to gcloud

    [Lad] ClitCommander :n ill show u glitch

    Fist of Fury :god damit

    [Lad] ClitCommander :just dont want others to follow or kill me

    [Lad] ClitCommander :i have 15k crime

    Fist of Fury :now

    [Lad] ClitCommander :u dont see?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :hes dead

    Fist of Fury :yes

    Fist of Fury :?????

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he was glitching

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he was too alive

    [Lad] ClitCommander :six

    [Lad] ClitCommander :kill me

    [Ass] siX :u finessed him hahaha

    Fist of Fury :are you?

    Fist of Fury :wtf?

    => This is where Fury


    Fist of Fury :clitcommander the fuck are you telling me

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he was in pd glitchign

    Fist of Fury :glitching?

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yea

    Fist of Fury :wtf

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he was alive

    [Lad] ClitCommander :not allowed to be alive in pd

    Fist of Fury :???????????

    So Fist gave Clit the chance to show I was actually glitching or exploiting something, instead he shot and killed me and took my money, as he had finally found me (abusing the powers of an admin, who was simply trying to figure out this situation).

    Fist of Fury :???????????

    [Lad] ClitCommander :yep

    Fist of Fury :ffs

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he wont know

    [Lad] ClitCommander :dont worry

    Fist of Fury :what do you mean with not allowed to be alive in pd

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he stupid

    Fist of Fury :ffs

    Fist of Fury :clitcomander....


    ClitCommander has tricked, deceived and fooled an admin intentianlly in order to find out where I was hiding and then killed me. Fury, naturally, noticed this and first banned him for 1h as immediate action, then, after checking his ban history (he had been banned in past), he decided to take harder actions and turned the ban to a 3-months-one.

    In my opinion, what Fist of Fury did was right. ClitCommander thought he could fool the adminstuff of this community, abuse the /goto function and kill someone for fun.

    [Lad] ClitCommander :he wont know --> me, G Cloud
    [Lad] ClitCommander :dont worry
    [Lad] ClitCommander :he stupid

    He even tried to cover up this story. He thought nobody would notice this that he had deceived an admin to track someone down. This is disgusting.
    First of Fury even felt really bad for what had happened to me. He was so gentle to pay back the money I had lost and apologized for this story.

    ClitCommander manipulates people, has shown to have 0 respect towards common sense and the adminship, he didn´t even apologize or communicate in a proper way. Instead he attacks Fist of Fury for his decision to ban him.

    He could have simply said: Hey Fury, I suspect G Cloud might being exploiting some kind of glitch. Can you check if he´s legally afking somewhere?

    That´s it. Peace.

    Instead he wanted to be brought to where I was hidng and then killed me of course, that was his plan after all. Insane.

  • I think the ban is fine, maybe three months is excessive for this situation . But let’s not forget that this is now double digits for you in amount of bans.

    What did you think would happen? You would be let of scot free for claiming someone exploited and then using a staff memeber for personal gain while deceiving the staff memeber.

    No no no. If anything you should be removed from the server for a longer time, because of the amount of deception and bullshit that has came out of your mouth. All you do is give the staff a fucking headache.

    I mean just look at this poor excuse of an appeal, if I was allowed to I would lock this and ban you from the forums because it’s getting ridiculous at this point.

    Come back when you actually decide to be an actual player and not a retard, thanks.