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      Basicly this is copy-paste from my previous admin application with "updated" info. I am re-applying for admin, since I was stripped of my rank for my absence.

      Steam Name: Tacomeat

      SteamID: STEAM_0:0:16197985

      Age: 24

      How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: Member since Sep 11th 2017, I was gone for while, home renovation, moving and just been busy with work and life.

      What does being a staff member entail?: Taking responsibility of your own actions, abiding and enforcing rules. Not letting your own personal feelings to affect your actions or favoring ones that are close to you.

      Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?: I have past experience of being administrator, I am not afraid of showing the ropes to new players and helping others. Plus I live in europe GMT +2 timezone.

      Do you have any previous staffing experience(s) (List community and, if possible, rank)?: Yes, I was Basic admin on this server and I was Administrator on New York Minute roleplay (root) and Roflcopter roleplay (rank 3) servers.

      Do you understand the basic commands of our server that we use? If so please list how to do the following(Completely):
      a). Kicking a player: /kick <name/id> "Reason" (example: /kick Tacomeat "abuse")
      b). Banning a player(for one day): /ban <name/id> 1440 "reason" (example: /ban tacomeat 1440 "abuse")
      c). Creating a prop: /db_create <prop path> (example: /db_create props_c17/FurnitureDrawer002a.mdl)
      d). Freezing a prop: sm_freezeit
      e). Saving a prop: sm_save
      f). Connecting a prop to a door: sm_linkpropdoor <doorid>
      g). How to look up any SourceMod command: sm_searchcmd "keyword"

      Explain how you would handle the following situations:

      A player says they suspect another player of hacking: Go in spectator mode, to see whats happening and record if you see any suspicious actions. Ban if guilty of hacking and provide proof to other admins.

      A cop is rdming other players: Warn him/her first and remind about rules, if still continues doing it kick (type in reason "RDM as cop, read rules in motd"), 3rd time ban for an hour so they can think what they have done, 4th time unemploy him/her from cop duties (tell higher ranked admin about this so they can unemploy them from their duties).

      A rebel is rdming players under ten hours: Warn and tell him/her to read rules again, kick if didnt receive the message (type in reason "killing under 10h players read motd"), 3rd time is ban, lenght depends on if he/she has previous bans.

      A new player connects whom has never played lite rp before: Show them around to get them started, guide them to do /tutorial to get quick rundown and to read motd for rules and usefull commands. And if they have any questions answer them as best you can.

      A player says they have lost their cop due to a mess up: Check his/her cop application for reasons of removing cop and ask other admins if they have taken his/her cop away.

      Have you read and understood the community rules?: Yes.

      Do you understand that it will be your job to enforce these rules?: I do.

      Do you understand that you as a staff member are still to abide by these rules along with others pertaining to staff?: Yes.

      Do you understand that misuse of your rank will result in your immediate removal as well as other possible consequences such as a ban?: Yes.
      [RP] You eat a Taco and begin healing for about 50 HP
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