reply to old thread: dede...

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  • reply to old thread: dede...


    Sorry for recreating the thread but it was closed before my ban ends and i couldn't reply.

    Old thread: dede gagging me for nothing again and again and i cant talk to fiends or do anything

    i don't understand why I'm banned on the forum even though the two thread i created had 2 different topics (that are seperatly ban and Dede's frequent useless gagging & high fragility or whatever it is), so that was wrong but that is OK as far as i can continue talking here, also I'm OK with the ban as I'm in the exam week and shouldn't focus here, its like a benefit.


    First of all, the most important point i wanted to touch was the gagging, but everyone on the thread talked about the ban or whatever. However the thread was about his highly frequent useless gagging/blocking my chat. I had no reply about that, but everyone talked about the ban or whatever, and also importantly, the persuasive way you guys talked and describe made it look like i was wrong and Dede tells stuff that is even wrong on his reply on my thread, I'll tell about that later. So please don't judge with prejudice. ty

    Why I think his gagging wrong and why I opened this thread and bring this here: he gagged me for literally nothing (and not once). He says on the old thread: "for the gags, you just keep searching my attention in any way mostly through insulting me with the same words over and over again" but I was trying to be friends with him, I approached him friendly. and the conversation before gagging was not at all "same word over & over again" as he says. However it was so short as 2 lines. cause he gagged me right after he joined the server. and you can see from him gagging after a minute of him joining, this is not normal. and the conversation right after he joined the server was this: Dede: you are a retard, Me: you are a faggot. this was the conversation made me banned from chat and I was in conversation with another friend and so i couldn't talk. I just said it as a reply to his "I'm a retard" message as he joined, Nothing to insult or whatever he says. two simple sentences of conversation. how can it make me gagged? Like what could I say in a sentence with 3 word that can make someone ban you from the chat for a certain time, and I'm reminding it again that it was right after he joins to the server. and he does it frequently, anyways...

    So in conclusion I want this to be solved, He shouldn't gag people for no reason, this is unprofessional, and I want to be friendly with him as the point of gaming is to have fun, and not to feud. Thank you for reading and the help!
  • Will you just shut the fuck up already? Dede never does anything unprovoked so if you got gagged then it was for a reason. Own up to your stupid shit,stop doing said stupid shit and then maybe you won’t get fucking gagged.
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)
  • no I wont shut the fuck up, I will show everyone he is using this gag shit without a reason, and he did it unprovoked or how could it be then. I entered the server two 2 messages conversation and gag. what could you say in a sentence that can make it that. and he is doing it like again and again. thats the problem

    and im bringing this here so he cant abuse me alone, and everyone sees that he is using this gag thing without a reason over and over again

    and why are you all saying "he wouldn't do, his good". this is irrelevant with this thread, its not helpful with what happened, dont say it doesnt make sense

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  • “As for the gags, you just keep searching my attention in any way mostly through insulting me with the same words over and over again, thats the troll level of a 9 year old atmost and everyone on the server is tired of your bullshit.“ Dede said that on your last post. So it’s obviously not for no reason so shut the fuck up kid. And actually everything we are saying is helpful because we know Dede unlike you.
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)