Dede's Introdcution!

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    • Dede's Introdcution!

      I was thinking about doing such a post a long time ago since ive played for more than a year at the server and i hope i can maybe help people that are struggling in life with the similiar conditions i had.

      My parents traveled in germany after the second world war, i was born and raised in germany but my parents didnt speak german and ive never learned the language my parents spoke, my mother speaks german decently but my father doesnt speak it good enough, i actually feel distanced from him. That means i dont dislike him but i think as a father he could have teach me some things. He usually went abroad to visit his brother and sister frequently so there was only a short period of time that i seen him at home. So i mostly got raised by my mother at that time and basically i had to teach all the stuff and skills all by myself, starting in the Kindergarten.

      Starting at the age of 9, my brother and parents were sometimes very abusive and they usually beat me up for doing wrong things like not fully eating the food i got served or doing 1 little grammar mistake in an essay. They also prohibited me to play computer games up to the age of 17. But i still did whenever they werent home and i was very good at strategic games like league of legends(i hit the second highest rank). But when my brother found out that i am actually playing video games in his absence he put a password on my old computer. To add on to that, my mother didnt allow to meet friends outside of the house, so i ended up smoking cigarettes and stealing and drinking alcohol when i was 14. But eventually i got caught for stealing a Jaegermeister bottle and i ended up doing social work and getting beaten up by my parents and my hands got stabbed with a knife. So i ended up mostly watching the same tv shows over and over again.
      Also was on the verge of getting kicked out of school on several occasions .
      I also had to live in a poor quarter of germany, as a child i always had to pass the brothels and drunk and/or drug addicted guys and i also saw people getting beaten up or nearly killed, i was in a constant fear.
      All this together put me in a social trap, a trap where i cant meet friends irl anymore because i dont feel comfortable being around people but also get bored and depressed if i spend most of my time at my computer. And ive did asked for help several times in my life, for instance my teacher, talked to my parents, telling my friends that i had at school but nothing rly changed about the physical abusive behaviour of my parents and older brother.

      But life did got better for me, i managed to finish school and even got into university and i am nearly done, i also met some good guys there and i met this wonderful community.
      All in all, i just want to say that even with the worst starting conditions theres always something worthwile to wait and live for and life will get better for you.

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    • So brave of you to share your personal story with us , it's something that I seem to be unable to do. I think it's good for all of us to hear about your life. Those who think they've had it rough and those who can identify with your struggle might benefit from reading this.
      Dede you've been a valuable asset to this community , and I'm glad to hear that we've been some kind of positive influence in your life. You've got a bunch of new brothers and sisters in this community that are damn glad you're a gamer.
    • Very strong words coming from you Dede, thank you for sharing this personal story, I know it couldn't have been easy writing this post. We appreciate everything you do for this community and we hope that you stay here for a good and long time. You are a great player/admin and I'm thankful to have met you.
      You defeat your enemies when they become your friends
    • Good Read, not good in the normal sense of the word but a Story and a lesson was passed on which is what matters.

      I'm glad things got better for you and I'm glad you joined the Server and gave us a try.

      Honestly it seems to me like the vast majority of people have a Story to tell, most bad and some good.
      Some let it warp them and control their path while others overcome the bad and set their life for a better ending.

      It looks to me like you're the latter and I hope you'll continue down that path.

      Struggles and Hardship are what tempers the Heart and Mind.

      You'll always be welcome here at Cold Community Dede.

    • Thank you very much and respect for sharing your life with us.

      Dede has a similare life like me. Parents moved to germany at the World War 2 time and I grow and raise up in germany. I also had to face very abusive and strict kind of education. Thats why I totally understand how dede's life was and how he felt during this time.

      Afterall, he has a very big heart and he trys to enjoy life as much as possible.

      I am very happy, that he found the right way out of the criminal activities and uses his time to finish his university.

      Glad to met you on this Server, dede! You became one of my closest german friend in this community!