Lawdog's Admin application

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  • Lawdog's Admin application

    Steam Name: Lawdog

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:5749713

    Age: 28

    How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: I started sometime in the month of September of 2018, but it feels like a long time as I have over 1000 hours.

    What does being a staff member entail?: It entails executing your administrative duties to the best of your abilities without any favoritism towards players and with the upmost regard for the rules of the server.

    Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?: I plan to do my part and fill in the gaps were administration is needed, weather its law related, or helping players get the best gaming experience they can.

    Do you have any previous staffing experience(s) (List community and, if possible, rank)?: Yes, I have been admin before in the past. None of those servers are relevant enough to list, as it was a long time ago, but most of my duties involved changing maps from what I can recall, and using admin commands when needed.

    Do you understand the basic commands of our server that we use? If so please list how to do the following(Completely):
    a). Kicking a player: /kick Trollguy "abuse"
    b). Banning a player (for one day): /ban Trollguy 1440 "abuse" ( 1440min x 1hr/60min= 24h)
    c). Creating a prop: /db_create “name of prop”
    d). Freezing a prop: sm_freezeit
    e). Saving a prop: sm_save
    f). Connecting a prop to a door: sm_linkpropdoor door #
    g). How to look up any SourceMod command: sm_searchcmd "keyword"

    Explain how you would handle the following situations:

    A player says they suspect another player of hacking: Gather evidence by watching the player closely in spectate mode, and record a demo, or if another player has the evidence already recorded, review it and take it to the proper authorities, that be a higher admin or the forum.

    A cop is rdming other players: Give them a warning to stop their actions, but if it is excessive and unlawful they should be cop stripped, and if they show no regard for the server rules they need to be kicked or worse.

    A rebel is rdming players under ten hours: Give them a firm warning, but if it is excessive kick or a temp ban is in order depending on how the player handles the warning. If the player is redundant and does not care about the laws in the motd and the issue continues, more harsh punishment may be called for.

    A new player connects whom has never played lite rp before: If the player needs anything at all, I will do my best to help them have a great intro to the server and a comprehensive tutorial. Helping new players is something I enjoy very much because it helps their gaming experience and improves the server. I usually try and answer all questions, and make sure the new players are taken care of.

    A player says they have lost their cop due to a mess up: If I don’t already know the person’s reasons for bringing up this matter, do some investigating on the forum or ask other admin their opinion on the matter, then based on that information act accordingly. The last thing I would ever want to do is override another admins decision that is recently or rightfully executed.

    Have you read and understood the community rules?: Yes.

    Do you understand that it will be your job to enforce these rules?: Yes

    Do you understand that you as a staff member are still to abide by these rules along with others pertaining to staff?: Yes.

    Do you understand that misuse of your rank will result in your immediate removal as well as other possible consequences such as a ban?: Yes.

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  • Lawdog is a dedicated player and often a helpful to beginners, but I have been around him for years, and he is on the same wavelength as Pizza. He is emotional and his opinion of players depends on the day. He is either your best friend or continually harassing and aggressive. He doesn't understand that being killed or sometimes targeted is part of the game and takes things far, far too seriously. His behavior also depends on who is on at the time, and often at the late night hours, he feels more comfortable acting out. My experience with him goes back to deathmatch servers many years ago, and unfortunately, his maturity has not progressed significantly since then. He does not need admin to continue being an asset for beginning players.

    For me, it's -1.
  • Sheet I never met you before this server so I think you are mistaken. Funny no one ever reported anything about acting up that I know of, or I would have defiantly corrected and dealt with any issue promptly and swiftly. If you had or have an issue with me I’m 100% open for discussion, problem is that in the past you are unresponsive. So after multiple times of me trying to clear up any misunderstandings we had by messaging you, you are not willing to listen or so it seems. All I can say is I’m sorry you feel that way it’s a misunderstanding, and I’m moving forward now. I'm not interested in your slander, especially because you have no idea who I am prior to this server. Even when you talk bad about me, or tell the entire server things that you make up to insult me, or that you’re breaking any locks on doors with Lawdog as owner, it will not matter to me if I’m admin. I just want to do a good job for the betterment of the server, that’s more important than any DM battles we have. If you were not making up stories from the past and actually got to know me like everyone else that plays on the server, you would realize your mistake. Nobody is perfect, I forgive you. Take care
  • LawDog is an extremely nice and helping player. He always talks on the mic and is one of the most active players on the server. I've seen him help a under 10hour player for 3 hours straight! I seriously think he should of signed up for admin along time ago, if anyone is going to be accepted admin right now it should be this guy.

    A big +1


    That's Master Wong To You
  • was a bit trolly and unmature when he started playing rp but progressively learned more about the game and improved his behaviour. Also putting false ages in current and previous app instead of telling that it is uncomfortable for you to state your real age, makes you less trustworthy.
    Also needs to build more confidence.

    was a bit trolly and unmature when he started playing rp but progressively learned more about the game and improved his behaviour, but has to build more confidence.

    Nevertheless, ive seen him helping countless amount of new players on the server for hours.
    From the current applications, i guess my vote would go to him.

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  • I like whats written in the Application but I don't like what I've heard of emotions and some of what I've seen when actually online, be it only once it noticeably stands out to me due to what others are writing about emotions.

    However since I ultimately don't know the player well enough I can't give this a +1 or a -1 reasonably without more Admin Input.

    Revised -

    It seems to me like my experience was a one time incident and not the norm, after reading all the praise and seeing various actions explain in our Discord I've changed my vote.

    +1 for Trial.

  • id agree he can be emotional at times (but not on the same wavelength of pizza)

    I've seen him helping new players and being an active player in general. Lawdog and I have our similarities and differences, but i think hes worth at least a shot for trial. I can see him doing big things.

    One constructive criticism is that this player shouldn't mute people he doesn't get along with if hes an admin.

    +1 from me
  • The last 5 months or so with Lawdog have been enjoyable ones for me. I was sure he was going to lose his cop in the first few days , but he proved me wrong. Lawdog has been eager to learn the rules , and sticks to them. He has respect for the server and it's staff , and great communication skills on mic. He seems quite stable in my opinion , and is in game almost everyday.