✨Cat◞ˢᵘᵐᶦ✧˖°™'s Forum Manager/Administrator Application

  • ✨Cat◞ˢᵘᵐᶦ✧˖°™'s Forum Manager/Administrator Application


    Steam Name: ✨Cat◞ˢᵘᵐᶦ✧˖°™

    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:43196913

    Age: 22

    Registered on the Forum: 17. December 2018


    Dear ColD Community!

    I would like to start this application with a small description about me. Since people don't really know much about me, it's fair for everyone to actually clear things out and tell the truth.
    I am from germany and I am part of the Half Life 2 Deathmatch game for like 6 years now.
    During this time, I was able to learn and soak up a lot of experience and also mistakes. But because of that, I matured with my personality and found the right way to actually gain trust and friends.

    My current status as the friendly "weeb" wasn't really my goal to be at, but I got used to it and I also have to apologize for those who thought, I am a female player. It wasn't really my intention to make people think that. I honestly really never responded to these questions because it is obviously kinda awkward to support this Anime content. But still, I enjoy Anime and why not do things I love to do and use (for example Models).


    Why do you apply as Forum Manager/Administrator?:

    I am a very social Person and I enjoy to reply and giving answers to unreplied threads to actually keep the thread going or open some new questions to maybe solve as many problems as possible. Since I am online on daily bases on the Forum, I really would like to step further and support this Forum with my work and skills.

    Hopefully, I am not really unknown on this Server anymore to get trusted by most of the Players here. I try to be as honest and usefull as possible when I get this position. I am also very open for criticism and approvements from everyone.


    What are your expected tasks as Forum Manager/Administrator?:

    As a Forum Manager/Administrator, my main function would be to prevent and punish Double Posting people on the Forum, closing dead or solved threads and move wrong posted threads in the right section.


    How would you handle Double Posting?:

    I would add the double post into the first post which the User made and ban the User for 2 - 3 days. If the User is doing a double post again in the future, I would
    extend the ban lenght to 4 - 7 days.

    How would you benefit the Forum?:

    I would benefit the Forum by updating couple articles, keep the Forum clear and sort or link existing old suggestions to the new ones, so people wont suggest already posted suggestions on the Forum. Also by being active and maybe inform people to the latest updates from Servers.

    Do you have any previous Forum experiences?:

    Yes, I run my own Forum. This Forum was made as a Clan Community from a game in 2013.


    This is the end of my Application as Forum Manager/Administrator.
    I hope, I successfully convinced you for my worth for this position.

    Other than that, I am excited for your thoughts and opinions.

    Best regards

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  • i think Cat would fit great as a position of a forum admin, as he is very mature and experienced with the game and the forum rules. Its also a great chance to learn how to take responsibility over smth. Also this community could easily expand to new games that will come out and with selected trusted members its easier to control things.

    Cat deserves a Chance if there is one.
  • Excellent application. There is no doubt that Cat would like to be a more integral part of our community , and I think he has great chance of doing that. The question here is : Do we need more staff to help with the forums integrity ?
    I'd like to hear from Eld (and Syle) with their thoughts. Maybe Eld could use a sidekick with forum management , or maybe he's ready to pass his position on to someone new.
    Either way . it's a +1 from me.
  • Wouldn’t mind at all to see another forum administratior that can be on when I’m not. Especially cat (who has experience and seems to know what they’re doing).

    Especially would like to talk with him if we ever wanted to revamp these ole forums and clean it up a bit fixing permissions and boards and such.

    Other than there not being an actual manager of the forums I wouldn’t mind seeing another forum administrator, less of a sidekick and more of a partner!
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