Wrongfully banned again

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  • Wrongfully banned again

    Your Steam ID:

    Your in-game Name:ClitCommander

    Why you got banned:why am i being punished for being obviously irritated with none of my forum posts being answered or formally investigated and discussed the guy is still on here spamming the n word and socing and saying "they aint gonna do shit to me n****" pathetic that o have to complain this much for something to be done or at least rightfully addressed , and then banned for "trolling" but the guy in here spamming /kill and the nword is perfectly fine my attitude revovles around my posts not being answered at all, and "not listening to admins decisions" again no decision has been formally made or investigation conducted, my ban appeal from 4 days ago nor my ban request nor my admin abuse, so what decision has been openly resolved between the involved parties that would lead me or anyone to agree a decision has been rightfully put before me instead of a toxic player who reaches no consequence and is constantly unbanned early and sees no recourse saying " they aint gonna do shit to me" " i run this shit" admin fist of fury is present for this and no one cares complete fallacy this ban is.

    Other Information you think we should know: