More iDEAs from the china

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    • More iDEAs from the china

      Thought alot about current sever events, i thinkitems 2+ should be special items


      1) force anyone with a blank name to have a name == their steam ID, this will prevent perms like WONG from logging in without a name, the only purpose is to make it harder for admins to target them and make it so one one can know what doors they have keys too

      2) PROPS are a blessing and a curse,
      We need a the equivalent of a blowtorch for props, a specialty item and expensive, not deleting props but disabling them, despawning them for xxx amount of time or until server reboots. (maybe call it /call koolaid man) he will show up and bust thru all the props in a room

      3) alternate prop idea for when an invader gets in a persons house the ability to despawn your items, time based maybe 1x per 24 hrs to the owner of the house only

      4) Teleport weapon, you hit them with it and it randomly teleports the target somewhere randomely

      5) Allow pets to attach and to remote control them (like the missile in Unreal Tournament)

      6) item like drugs that can slow down everyone in an area for xx amount of seconds (time dilation)

      7)add jetpack or hook to the deliveries, just limit them

      8) add to pinata item to breath underwater
    • 1) Some characters used in steam names simply don't getting written. Not the simplest thing to detect as the character used is always changing. (Based off how it's done in CSGO)
      2) I believe there was testing taking place on amsterville for a bomb that would disable Freeze & collision on props. Not sure where it is now.
      3) A HP system for props would be more effective. e.i blastdoor has 1k hp, and hp is persistent between map changed/crashes. It is removed when HP reaches 0.
      4) Annoying as fuck really fast.

      5)I'm pretty sure detaching the camera from the player is autism to do in hl2dm.

      6) This + peoples autistic crawl mazes will be the next cancer.

      7) Could be fun.
    • 1) Admins can target the player just fine in game using their ID number.

      2) IMO I don't find that necessary, props are meant to serve a more custom layout inside the home of the owner based on what he finds to his liking, disabling them is not fun, and would easily give vulnerability for the home owner and all his items inside. I'd give this idea a -1

      3) Yet again, despawning props is pretty much unnecessary, nor is lowering their HP until it reaches 0 to destroy them. -1

      4) IMO I don't see any usefulness from this.

      5) Abusable.

      6) Can easily get people upset in the long term... The only slow down I can agree on is one that happens during healing.

      7) Abusable.

      Eight) ~Eh~

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    • Very nice ideas and thoughts about new content for the Server, China!

      Blank name:
      -Having a blank name does not break the Server Rules and shouldn't be a problem for Admins to target this Player, like Humam already mentioned. It takes a bit longer than just simply using their in-game name but works too.

      Blowtorch for Props:
      -Next to Locks/Lockbreakers & Blowtorches, this could be very useful for some Players too. Props are mainly used to make it harder to get to the center of the room or to connect doors.

      It could be like this:
      • Prize = $250 - $500k // Or adding to the !dailies rewards //!spin // shipments.
      • After usage it takes 3 - 5 seconds like Blowtorch to remove the Prop.
      • Props will be disabled for maybe 10 - 15 minutes. (Server prolly restarts/crash every 10 - 24h. So, probably not a option to reset the props based on that)
      • 20.000 - 50.000 Crime after usage.

      Despawning Props:

      - This idea sounds interesting. When it's only usable for the owner of the house/prop, why not. It could be used to get faster to the center of the room and avoid running and crawl throuth their own maze or fixing glitched out doors inside props. Cooldown for this ability should be added.

      Teleport weapon:
      -Teleport weapon would be too much trolling and is not really needed on the Server.

      chinasyndrome wrote:

      add to pinata item to breath underwater
      -You could press double shift underwater and you can breath forever.