I've never once played on HL2DM roleplay, yet I have a ban, sourceban

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    • I've never once played on HL2DM roleplay, yet I have a ban, sourceban

      I rarely check out roleplay servers. I played on GMod with a WWI server, but I didn't get banned from there. There was a WWII Berlin server that I got banned from, but I'm certain it was not cold community. Any ideas how find out about this? I'm also using internet from a library, so perhaps one day some guy came in here and played some roleplay on your guys' servers and got banned?
      Hm, so I saw the Sourcebans button, and it says I was banned today actually for 10 minutes. I was out of the room while the server was downloading, so I couldn't have caused any issues. It's 10 minutes at least.

      Well, hello, folks! Time for some hootin' 'n tootin' 'n Wild West roleplay y'all!

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    • Hello,

      Your account was denied access to the server because it is a family shared account.

      This means your current account does not own HL2DM and it is instead, getting shared access to the game from another account. If you join with the main account that purchased HL2DM, you will be able to play no problem.

      However If you would like to play on the current family shared account, I need the steam profile of the main account you are sharing the game from to confirm no malicious activity, then i can white list you.

      This system is in place to avoid ban evasion.