City26 v3

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    • One month in development, an hour or two after work here and there.

      Map will probably be complete nearing the end of the next 3 month map cycle. Further images and individual section comparison screenshots will be listed on

      edit: the road dimensions are the EXACT same as the version two. Distances traveled when moving throughout are the EXACT same. Buildings simply have more depth and there are sidewalks.

      First road-shot comparison image of the two versions.
    • City26 v3 is cancelled indefinitely.

      After speaking with syle a few weeks ago, I said that I am discontinuing map development for RP maps. There has been negative impact on my mental health and the output from these projects has not been beneficial enough to outweigh the negative aspects.

      I've moved onto cgo, working on DE maps. I have given my WIP map vmfs to Grubbsy for continued development. I may upload all assets and vmfs for public use and reference sometime in the future.
    • This scares me because I am not fit to complete a map I haven't even seen the original versions of lmao. If anyone worthy and willing to take the challenge wants the vmfs I will give them to you only if you seem worthy enough of having the vmfs.

      I also might keep them for safety and might use em so I might change my mind.

      I do wish mav the best of luck on all of his ventures and do hope that I might be able to finish the maps.

      never opened hl2 hammer untill this last weekend so yeah...
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