1 day ban

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  • Just wanted to post an apology for being a dick and glitch killing 3 players the other day.
    I was bored, everyone afk, temporarilly unable to function like a normal human being for a few mins.
    I didn't gain any cash or drugs, just plain old abuse of a know wep exploit,through floor killing

    Real sorry to Pizza, Cat and Kill,Thrill n Spill

    I then plain up lied to Lawdog when he called me out on it - for which I feel really shit.
    Always respected him, no idea why I turned to a bullshit artist for a few mins.

    I've got a 1 day ban from Doggy which is pretty fair.
    As further penance I'll give away all my rpg's when I'm next on.

  • Hello Captain C.

    Nice to meet you here on the Forums.

    On the one hand, I appreciate your apology and showing discernment about this situation but on the other hand, I could just strangle you for doing such cheap attack on us. When I am bored I am not going mess with people over 1500+ hours on the Server. In addition, targeting the house from an Admin. It was kinda obvious that something like this would happen to you. Be happy that you only got banned for 1 day. See it as a warning. But i think, you understand now. :!: