Hi, Didn't see you there

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    • Hi, Didn't see you there

      Hi, my name is Grubbsy and I'd like to introduce myself!

      I know of this from being a very active member of your sister Community (Moonshade gaming) and I have been interested into joining this community.
      I also saw your CSGO Roleplay server and was interested but it has been up for months and no one has played it.

      I'd like to talk and get to know some of the other members of this community.
      I have some skill in making maps for csgo and other source games. But I keep it to csgo cause I like making csgo maps.
      CSGO CoLD Admin. Mapper. Server Destroy Supreme Master Extraordinaire. sniper
    • Hello Grubbsy and welcome to the ColD Community!

      I hope you enjoy your stay on this Server and hope you met nice people already. Everyone is welcome, so are you.
      If you have any questions, feel free to ask. People on this Server are willing to help you. I am not sure if you're well known to
      Roleplay in Half Life 2 Deathmatch since you only mentioned anything about another Community.
      You will probably take some time to get used to all Commands, all Rules and of course all Players on this Server.

      If you haven't done this already, type !tutorial
      and you'll get a full description and run through about everything.

      To avoid doing anything against the Rules, make sure to check out the Command !motd
      and look at the 'Rules' section. It is also useful to take a look into the sections 'Useful Commands' and maybe 'Donate'.

      It is also possible to play Civil Protection (Combine)
      . For that, you preferably need to have 80h playtime on this Server. After you reach 80h, you can open an Application for Cop. You can apply here. Make sure to use the right Format for your Application.

      Other than that, I hope you will find your way into the game and Server and have fun there!
    • Novaaa wrote:

      1. Lol you say you’re from moonshade? The owner of moonshade is a jealous bitch. But anyways welcome. Hope you enjoy your time with Cold Community!

      He is the person who referred me to here actually. He says he likes what they have going here. lol. But thanks and nice to meet you novaa
      CSGO CoLD Admin. Mapper. Server Destroy Supreme Master Extraordinaire. sniper
    • Hey Grub,

      CSGO has been up for several months, its been worked on off and on by @yung gamer guy

      However it is playable, everything works. Doors, jobs, growing and even the crafting system sidezz put in place. The other server's database is linked as well so both fmc and uptown will have your same stats.

      Just needs a bit more love to get rolling. I think the last thing sidezz was working on was integrating a sanitation job into crafting. I also wanted to figure out the admin/cop/donor situation.

      Anyway, he works on it when he likes.
      Right now hes been streaming Destiny 2 with good success so I wouldn't want to pull him away from that.

      Feel free to join DM , Rust, or CSGO and enjoy your stay.
    • Thanks, and nice to talk to you syle.
      I'm glad to see that this ten-ish year old community is still alive and well.
      I am on the younger side of players btw just saying.

      Also not to brag but this person on The owner of moonshade's stream said I was smart :)
      CSGO CoLD Admin. Mapper. Server Destroy Supreme Master Extraordinaire. sniper