Announcement Map Change 3/25/19

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    • Map Change 3/25/19


      Map has now changed by popular vote to rp_city45_v4a

      Shouts out to @HAND OF DOOM
      and @joshhite11 and any other admins i missed for the map setup.

      Remember to use the command to refund your Lineese house if you have not already : sm_refunddoor rp_linesse_r4

      Game mode improvements in this map change include:
      -Initial code base for doggys upcoming DM betting DLC
      -New item, HEV suit initial code committed

      -Human has made and added a new event prize box model and sound!
      -Multiple bug fixes related to binding and pinata
      -Admin jail added

      We will run city45 for about 3 months and push Dog DLC along the way.