PD Application

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  • PD Application

    Age: 26

    In-Game name: AnamatalityTTV (Ana)

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:51109191

    As of now i'm at 67 hrs

    Do you have a mic?: yes

    I am applying for Civil Protection because It gives me something to work towards than just killing people and selling drugs, Plus I am online 10-12 hours a day which gives me a lot of time to monitor the server and keep in touch with the player base not many cops are on and I would enjoy helping newer players by giving them a sense of security.

    Rules of Civil Protection:

    -Don't let any rebels into the PD, do not shoot at unless fired at first, and do not kick door until 4,000 crime.
    -keep the server safe and productive while giving the rebels something to keep them busy while doing their jobs.
    -I don't get mad over RDMing.
    -Fire back upon getting shot at and arrest them when crime permits.

    Schedule: (Mon-Sun)
    -Saturday, Sunday, & Monday - (7:30 am - 9:30 am)
    -Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (7:00 pm - 7:00 am)
    I dedicate to the server per week an average of 60 hrs.

    Is this my first time as Civil Protection and I have not been cop on this server before. I plan to you use this to further my RP experience an do my best to lead by example, I believe that you should always play as if you are playing with an Admin or as if another Cop or Officer is spectating and doing you best to help new and old player enjoy there individual and community experience on the server to keep the server running as healthy as possible! :vain: