an SCP server

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    • I understand making a server in a game costs dosh. but i would love it if you guys had a dedicated SCP server. in fact you wouldn't even need it on the scp game. it can be a hl2dm server but SCP themed. it'd work the same as the scp containment breach game but it'd be an RP server.

      basically the starter classes are d-class, scientists and guard but if you want to be the scp or the 2 military factions, you need to have a certain amount of hours. we could fuck with d-class performing experiments on them, fuck with everyone as an scp. and fuck with everyone as the military guys.

      i'd prefer you do this on hl2dm since you would know how to do it, it would run better then the scp containment breach game, and i just like the people that play on these servers. the scp skins can be anything ya want. scientists can jut have kliener, d-class have the city 17 guys but in orange, 9 tail fox could be a re skinned combine and the other military could be the hecu from my last recommendation. not sure what for the SCP's security, might have to download that.

      the map would be simple just a large underground facility like in scp. weapons wouldn't change from hl2dm. maybe avoid the assault rifle. scp is a great game that i unfortunately never get to play. having a themed server on dm run by you guys would be a dream come true and you could advertise the scp server in the regular dm server like on billboards. and it'd be completely ok to put stuff from hl2 into an scp server. on hl2dm because in the scp foundation... There is no canon!