Economy reset.

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  • Economy reset.

    I know its not a small suggestion weve got too many players that just afk safely for hours behind thousands of locks and plant/print while afk then deposit and repeat with more new players coming in recnetly it seems to be one of the big questions "Wheres such n such" i know its part of the game and adaptation is needed i just find that money is to abundant on the server for the players whok have been playing for more than the past year. Aserver where people are actually forced into gameplay. Instead of sitting behind the insurmountable obstacle to new players.
  • If you couldnt tell within my post i am projecting outwards from new players perspectives and weve had more than a few stay and just keep getting locks broke and can not keep up with rivals who have gained 10s of millions within past year and a half.

    So as some of the new players do not have forum accounts which i am speaking on behalf of or wether some do and wish to say nothing, replying with "Go play csgo then" is completely ignorant given the fact these and when i say "these" i mean multiple new players have given good hours to indulge into a community where they want to stay but have little to no fighting chance given the resources of senior members.
    Weve gained more than half our current everyday players within the past 5 months and as a few of them have made a good ammount of money from the help and reliance of senior members.

    Others with as much as 600+ hours are unable to afford locks or nicer homes or evenn planting and printing supplies due to the fact the economy is completely deflated for senior members, and with money being the only way to purchase anything thr people woth the most have a litteral roadblock in front of any new player they have a rivalry with.
    I expect the post to get horrible back lash as there is a lot of people with alot of money and some people with stupid fuckin replies to my post.
    Sometimes its for the better good.
  • Yes, Brilliant idea! Let's wipe a few thousand hours worth of work because a couple of new players joined, acted like idiots and got on some bad sides instead of making allies!
    In fact let's make a petition stating that every game that has progression system should wipe all the work players have done so all the noobs can keep up!
  • Not a couple more than half of the current players are new within the past few months, most games dont rely on a playerbase with a max of 25 people, Players have aligned themselves accordingly to how they see fit and should not feel as if they cant play the game because people sit on top of 10s of millions and constantly shit on them.

    My suggestion for a reset on this server has litterally nothing to do with any other game and is completely reliant on the facts at hand.
    1. More than half of current players are new.
    2. More than half of them cant keep locks or even money in bank account.
    3.Like i said before (Understandable if you cant read) players with as many as 1000 hours are still unable to have a fair playing field due to others who have been here since before last reset (More than a year and a half)

    And as such happens to these players they will continue the behavior to other new players possibly rendering a quick exit.

    Open your eyes or shut your mouth.
    You dont play here and all youve done is given cuckholded maps.
    When the bottom of the barrel needs to be scraped you will be an admin again.
    Until then Cry On!
  • I agree with the stance of people becoming too OP.
    But, I do like the suggestion of playing the csgo rp lol. I need someone to keep me on my toes instead of letting me grind up 50000000k crime in a couple hours
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  • Same cat ive given away probably 10 mil in the past 2 months to box players some stay some dony but i like to give everyone who stays a lil bit of a boost so they have somewhere to plant or print until they're locks are broken repeatedly by other millions holders.

    I know theres talk of reset that i had heard.

    I also know Syle has an open eye through himself and the staff team on issues at hand, It just seems to be a reocurring question i am beginning to recieve or hear more frequently now from newer players which is actually odd and does show that it has gotten to the point that the abundance of money that senior members hold has caused a sort of toxic environment for more than half the server which at this point now, and at the time of this suggestions submission is primarily players new within past few months.

    Now a reset on next map change would be a success in my eyes as far as my suggestion but also a success in retaining players, i dont think we will lose too many before then to the issue but from what ive seen it may be possible.

    Thank you all for your input as long as it was serious i appreciate any kind of constructive criticism questions or concerns with the suggestion

    Grab you're coat and CoLD on!

    Catsumi wrote:

    It's nothing special for me anymore to have so much virtual money on the Server.
    new with the whole quotes thing but this spoke to me cat.
  • Besides it being childish that people are telling you to go play csgo rp, the server is lonely and I am always looking for people to play with. soo if you ever feel like the hl2dm is too hard go to csgo rp and play with me on csgo rp. csgo rp is lonely... :(

    Also get on fast before I have more money than anyone can get
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  • The Doggy wrote:

    MavFree wrote:

    In fact let's make a petition stating that every game that has progression system should wipe all the work players have done so all the noobs can keep up!
    I am a proud signer of this petition because as a noob I am really a noob and I feel like the pros should give the noobs a chance for noob sake if you know what I mean ya noobs.
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  • I have discussed this at length in the admin channels before so i will say it here now.

    last reset was

    Expectantly, since then people have amassed a fair amount of wealth.

    Before the next reset season a few things need to happen.
    1. All VIP stuff needs to be carried over
    2. A prestige title ingame and leader board for the top highest earning players needs to be added
    3. Titles should be added ingame for the rest who earned money (think of it like ranked seasons)
    4. we need to change the map to probably rp_pray. small abundant apartments, not too many big bases.

    So with that in mind I expect a reset to happen sometime in the near future but i have not determined an exact date as we are still figuring out some sort of long term reward for playing through multiple seasons.

    Just relax and play like normal, we will figure out the rest.