Lawdog Admin Abuse

    • Lawdog Admin Abuse

      Your in-game name: Link
      The Staffs In-game name: Lawdog
      Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:5749713
      Discription of the Event: Muted for no reason, impulsive / toxic behavior
      Proof of Event: Screenshot

      I was discussing with Humam about the drama wars that occur on the server and I was muted for saying "these type of wars tend to occur mostly when kids are placed in admin positions".
      This type of admin abuse and childish behavior harms the community. You should not mute someone just because you are mad and cannot control your temper. Or because your friend got muted while spamming mic.
    • Link, you were arguing with admin, insulting, and interrupting them. You were told to mute another player client side, and that the rules are such, but you did not agree and thought you knew better than the admin and that we should mute that player server wide using /mute. We explained to you the rules and you refused to except them, and just simply mute the player in your game menu which would have been an easy thing for you to do. After being warned of your mute and told to drop the subject you kept going on with the same question that we already answered for you and interrupting everyone. You had trouble listening today and also became insulting. Our admins are not here for you to boss around aimlessly and insult or troll. If you do this again the mute will double. If you need help muting a player client side I'm more than happy to help you do it, and so long as your civil with rules and reasonable I have no issue with you in the future.


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    • I was having a normal conversation with Fist of Fury and Humam when you started to insult me and to threaten me only because your boyfriend ClitCommander got muted the day before. You then abused your admin access to mute me because, in your opinion, ClitCommander was muted due to my request, fact denied by Fist of Fury which also confirmed that his action was taken without any third-party influence.

      Our admins are here to serve the community's population, not to abuse and this is why you are unfit for such position.
    • again you prove how insulting you are Link.I had no idea you requested anything prior to me coming in the server or your fight with Clit, Clit commander is unrelated to your mute and I have to spoil your illusion here. I came into a moment on the server and heard you asking the questions about muting, I and the others, we answered them for you as we were instructed the day before to answer your same question the exact way I handled it. We were told to have the players mute client side in this situation. I'm sorry if clit got under you skin or got the best of you that is why again, please just use client side mute rather then order admin around and disturb the game, so easy to hit esc and go to mute players option. We /mute players who play music or along the lines scream in the mic for long periods of time to hurt ears, or when they are warned to stop spamming or arguing and insulting staff and they fail to listen like in your case, but it can be case by case, it's more about the whole server not just one player's feelings. This is a topic that has frequented our server hence your not the first player we have muted as of recent. Point is I am just a relay of the admins above me and I'm following what they say and the motd. Maybe you should play in an other server if you don't like the rules that Syle and the roots decide and I uphold. If you were more attentive you could go a lot father in this server, try to be patient and pay attention to what admin say and do and i promise your game will go smoothly. Again I wish no ill will to you and I'm moving forward now so we can start fresh. No need for me to comment any further on this matter as far as I can tell. I suggest you read the original post that I commented if you care to reflect, and a little advice, trolling admin gets you no were just another mute. thanks
    • This thread looks to be handled between the two of you. Since there was no ill nature from Lawdog as he was just doing his job and the other admins agree, this report will be locked.

      Thank you for your Abuse report and taking the time to fill it out.
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