Hozza Civil Protection Application

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  • Hozza Civil Protection Application

    --Basic info--

    Age: 17
    In-Game name: Hozza
    SteamID: (STEAM_0:0:21313500)
    Time played: 167 hours.


    Do you have a mic?: Nope, I will try to get on in the coming weeks but it all depends on college.

    Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: Wanted to see what it was like to play cop, after being in a gang and playing as a civilian. It seemed like the last thing to do.

    What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Arrest at 1800 crime, Kick door at 4000 or greater, Dont open fire unless fired upon (Or if they shoot another cop) Do not let yourself be farmed for guns / EXP.

    What is the function the Civil Protection?: Keep order on the server, keep people out of the PD and do not abuse the rules.

    If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?: Shoot back when they open fire but unless they shoot first do not attack.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server per week(Include time zone): I can be on for around 4-5 hours a day (35 hours a week) and my timezone is UK (GMT+1)

    How will you benefit the server?: I am well known around the server and enjoy making friends with new people, I think I'm more welcoming than most on the server and I usually give keys to people in need.

    Is this your first time as Civil Protection?: Yes, I never saw the appeal before so I did not apply.

    A new player has joined the servers and no admins are on, how will you help this player?: In the past I have usually given keys to new players to help them get a kickstart in the server, if they need weapons to defend themselves I usually spare some.

    Anything else you would like to add?: Templar knight and Birddieboo vouch for me, just ask them... borg