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    • My name : ClitCommander
      Staffs Name : Lawdog

      Reason for Promotion: Has shown great leadership quality as well as a high level of involvement with players, is on daily and when hes on hes always non stop helping new players or senior ones, stays mostly unbiased except for when the situation provides need for added staff action, constantly involved in player affairs and talking players down from their pedestal, addresses issues that are seen on a daily basis, every time server resets and he is on i watch him no clip around map duble checking everyone's props as well as ones involved in events.

      Does not talk down to players yet talks at them when is needed, very humble and extremely responsible as well as helpful with him as admin.

      Personal Experiences : Lawdog investigating the earlier on issue with fist of fury and myself, did all he could to relay to fist what i was trying to say to him and in the respective manner that i intended, as well as see from fists point of view how he couldn't understand what the striker player was saying (Completely understandable sometimes i cannot as well) and how he felt it may had been toxicity spewing from his mouth.
      Propping ; Since ive started here not that its the favorite job of most admins nor is it something I've asked very many so no blame or shame to anyone, but when i have asked I've found my apartment to be exactly what i DIDNT want, mostly a vague "As Defensive as you can get it" and until last week have i been impressed with the work i had been given. I commend you on your superior involvement and attitude you carry when you are on. Only becoming combative when a player is being toxic and hurting the community as a whole(regardless if its just one person)
      I havent seen one new player come into server and not gain the attention of Lawdog and his help, which is often unmatched from admins at his rank.

      Overall i feels as if your duties as admin have been overly fulfilled for the rank you hold and if not now, hopefully in the near future we'll see you move up.
      I base my judgment off the progression, attitude, and involvement (as well as you're chill) into the role as admin and compared to admins at an equal level to him and in some cases just a bit higher, and a bit higher do i hold my expectations of you than as a basic admin.

      Grab You're Coat its CoLD!