Zombies and Headcrabs

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  • Zombies and Headcrabs

    We all know the Zombies and Headcrabs that have a chance to spawn when a crate is opened, we all love it when we use what props and guns we have to earn money for simply killing a few Zombies, it`s a lot of fun.

    Headcrabs, on the other hand, are one of the most annoying creatures to kill, they're small hard to shoot/hit with props, can take you down to 1 HP in one hit, and even after all the zombies are gone some Headcrabs are still left because there`s no reason to kill them.

    I`m proposing that players receive money (just like for zombies) for killing the Headcrabs, doesn't have to be as much as we get from the zombies, but just enough so that it's worth it to kill the Headcrabs.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion. :)

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  • if you are talking about the bodies, just rejoin and they will dissapear as they are clientside.

    MiraclesBelieveInMe wrote:

    I think that was intention when first introducing the zombies and it might be just an error that they arent worth anything. But i agree they should be worth 75-100 based on hp and their one hit KO to crowbars and stunsticks

    Yeah i could make them about 100 per kill wouldnt be bad. There is a few more additions i want to do with the npc events like adding an antlion soldier one, combines with guns. now that we have a framework and delivery system it should be easy to adapt. All npcs will give cash rewards eventually
  • Syle, that would be a fun and interesting addition to the game, I feel that players would very much enjoy slaying different types of enemies instead of only zombies and antlions, it gives a more authentic feel as it would not just be players killing the two enemies that are already in the game but to have 3, 4 or even 5 enemy cycles to keep the game fresh and lively in the community.

    Thanks for your support. :thumbsup:
    A-well-a-bird, bird, bird is the word! Don't you know about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word!
  • I really like this idea and I almost wish something like it was possible in CSGO.
    but the only thing possible mentioned in the thread is shipments however, but they'd be severly limited for csgo/
    Anyway having to fight combine would be really fun as a random event.
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