Fist of fury Cop/Admin Abuse

  • Fist of fury Cop/Admin Abuse

    Your in-game name: Kizaru
    The Staffs In-game name:Fist of Fury
    Staffs Steam ID: [U:1:225752677]
    Discription of the Event: I were fighting karen and fist of fury was right beside here. I killed Karen and Fist Of fury started killing me. But in my Video you can obv see that i wasnt shooting at him and that i didnt even hit him. But he still started shooting me for no reason, when i turned my back to him he and went up the ladder he just killed me... After that he said that he saw me killing another Cop "before" he was dead and came out after i shot the cops. ( you can also see this in the video)

    Please do something against him, he always gives hard punishes to people that do not follow the rules. Now he should be him thats gets hard punished!

    Proof of Event: