Rob Together Bug

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    • Rob Together Bug

      My Username: Zone
      Bug: While a user is robbing a banker a different user is able to rob the same banker only at the same time, this also resets the percentage that the person who started robbing first was at (ex. someone starts robbing a banker and is at 45% percent, and then another user comes and is able to rob while the other user is robbing, this will result in the percentage of the first users to reset causing them to gain more money). Mimicking this bug is probably easier for you to have a better understanding of it.

      Bug discovered: 5/5/2019 beeer
    • Yes, the glitch seems pretty bad lol. I the destroyer of all nice and seemingly perfect features can see multiple ways this could be abused. like using it to make a person get more and more crime to the point of getting bounty then jail 10 plus minutes.

      another thing to mention is how steve pointed out you can rob with your fists without a gun lol.
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