we do not need the reset you all are dumb for wanting it

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  • we do not need the reset you all are dumb for wanting it

    if you think the reset is a good thing your just dumb i'm not talking about a new map reset i mean the economy reset i will not play on this game if i have to be a box player i will not come back and you will not have many players on here hldm is a dead game to some to me this rp is fun i made friends and foes do i want to give all that up noo i do not so we do not need this bullshit economy reset ;(
  • What you so selfishly want and what may best for the server are two different things, and not decided by you, or threats.

    Obviously nothing has been set in stone, nor is a reset of any concern right now, As
    stated previously you will see one when its necessary.

    Whether it happens in a month or a year you're ample threat's to leave are not concerning.
    Nor are the other players who are AFK %90 of the time

    Whenever you start up hl2 open you're console and type "Exit this dead ass game"

    Grab You're Coat It's CoLD!!

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  • When the econo reset happens, I guess you won't be seeing me around so much. Doesn't seem to be a point to all my grinding if it is all for nothing. I won't be renewing my VIP either. I play on the server to earn cash for weapons, props, and other inventory perks. I spend the money on items and it goes back into the economy. It doesn't just sit idle in my bank. ONly time it will stay in my bank for a long period of time is when I want to save for a bigger house / base. But if all will be lost after all the time I've spent here, then I see no point in continuing to play here. You know what say, "something something, thanks for all the fish."