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    • Job Idea | Pennypicker |

      IGN: Zone

      Job Suggestion: Pennypicker

      What does pennypicker do? When the job penny picker is selected a player will gain a certain amount more money when its collected from the ground.

      Example: 100$ bill is on the ground, if you are penny picker you will get 200$ instead.
    • The only problem I see here is:
      > be me
      > pennypicking faggot
      > pick up money
      > ooooh a penny!
      > kills self
      > walks back to find two pennies on the ground
      > oooh two pennies!
      > picks up two pennies
      > kills self
      > walks back to my dead rotting corpse
      > ooh 4 pennies!!

      You see where I'm going with this right?
      Did you know that if you start with 1 penny and double it 27 times, you get over a million dollars? Double a single penny 27 times and you receive 134,217,728 pennies equal to $1,342,177.28.

      "But then just make it so the penny pickers don't drop money"
      Takes away all risk. Wanna buy $100k worth of locks? Become a penny picker first.

      "Track the money that is dropped by penny pickers so that penny pickers cannot just pick it up over and over again"
      Still won't work. All you'd need is a pennypicker to hand money to a non-pennypicker. The non-pennypicker drops the money by killing themself. Then the pennypicker picks up the money and hands it back to the non-pennypicker once they get back to the apartment. Rinse, wash, repeat.

      Sorry dude but your idea for this job is going to need some tweaking, otherwise it's abusable af.