grubbsy admin abuse

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    • grubbsy admin abuse

      Your in-game name: Mazarith
      The Staffs In-game name: Grubbsy
      Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:204500198
      Discription of the Event: I was trying to learn how to play the server and grubbsy kept shooting me as a police officer and calling me names
      Proof of Event:

      The only people who should post in the Abuse Report are; The Player, Witnesses, and Staff.
    • random player named Mazarith joins and starts talking shit right? so I am cop and I kill him when I see him with guns out and crap like it says in motd and I was just reacting to a dumb comment he made lol

      Other than that uhh I mean. you started saying racial slurs and crap so I wasn't taking you seriously
      I may not have acted correctly but also you were holding guns as the MOTD advised to shoot players with guns out (I forget to exlpicitly explain stuff so im not sure if I said that after the first time or not but you never did the COP RDM REE thing that most players do causing me to tell you so Im not sure but I should have been clear)
      (I forgot that no matter what pistols don't count sorry)
      Wasn't any clear admin abuse however, just a cop abuse.
      Nice tag and I guess I am done 100% damage to my admin causing me to die

      fUNNY troolll
      CSGO CoLD Admin. Mapper. Server Destroy Supreme Master Extraordinaire. sniper

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